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End of year trips and those coming up in the New Year 2024 will be just a taste of the new tourism boom for which you have to be prepared and, most important, pack your suitcases and be ready to travel. In this blog we will give you some travel tips for these holidays so that your new calendar is filled with unforgettable memories.


Although traveling during Christmas and New Year can be an escape from everyday life and a time to recharge energy for the period ahead, it can become a stressful experience if it’s not correctly planned.

Choosing the correct destination is one of the most important steps, especially if you’re planning to travel with family or a large number of people. Make sure you consider the large tourist influx that some destinations have during this season.

Booking in advance will be very helpful, this way you will make sure you have a hotel to check in to and relax as soon as you arrive to your destination.

We also recommend you contact the hotel staff in advance, at Royal Holiday we have trained staff that can help you plan ahead and make your stay a unique experience.

Another important tip to stay calm and enjoy your vacation is to get travel insurance. This can help you solve lost luggage at airports and other issues that can occur while being away from home.

It is very important for you to consider that if you or anyone traveling with you has an existing medical condition you should do some research to understand if the destination you are traveling to will let you take your medications with you, or if you can buy those medications easily at the destination.

Finally, don’t forget to always have your mobile phone charger handy, as your phone can help you solve everything from financial problems to travel issues.



Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are two of the most popular cities to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This happens as a result of the mixed cultures over the centuries, the rituals in Brazil are a beautiful combination of experiences and therefore these two destinations become a great option to spend the holidays.

Here you can experience one of the most beautiful traditions: dressing in white to welcome the new year and adding some color alluding to the different intentions desired for the new cycle, for example, red calls for love and yellow relates to money and wealth.

Another of the most popular destinations for this end of year are the beaches of Oaxaca, in Mexico. If what you are looking for is to enjoy the start of 2024 in amazing pools, tropical beaches and national parks, then Royal Holiday is your best travel option.

Book your stay with us in the most beautiful destinations in the country and let us spoil you. In all our resorts you will find events and great plans for you and your family to enjoy this season.

Book your next adventure for the holidays at the best destinations on our website: or on our mobile app: Royal Holiday Booking.

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