Things to Bring on a Romantic Getaway

by Royal Holiday

A romantic getaway can recharge your relationship. In the face of kids, jobs, and other responsibilities, love can sometimes take a back seat. Traveling away from it all is a fantastic way to put your relationship with your significant other front and center again. Romantic getaways are a little different from the standard vacation, especially if you’re used to traveling with kids, so you should pack for them a little differently as well. Consider bringing the following to have the best time possible.

– Comfortable clothing. Sure, clothes that make you look great are essential if you’ll be going out for a romantic dinner or night on the town, but you may also want to spend a morning or an afternoon just lounging. Make sure you’re prepared for it.

– Movies and books. Pick diversions that you can enjoy while snuggling with your sweetie, like a good movie or book.

– Wine or champagne. You can pick up a bottle at your destination, or sometimes order it from room service, but that tends to be expensive. Your selection may be limited as well. So bring a favorite vintage in your luggage, along with an opener and glassware.

– Stomach medicine. We tend not to think about our stomachs on a romantic holiday, unless it’s to talk about the butterflies in them, but sometimes combining travel with rich food and drink can make your gut a little uncomfortable. Make sure to bring whatever you need to calm an upset stomach, just in case.

– Music. The perfect playlist of your and your partner’s favorite songs can do wonders for the ambience.

– Massage oil. Nothing complements a romantic getaway like a great massage from your significant other.

– Snacks. There’s a chance you won’t want to leave your room, and having some delicious foods on hand, like chocolate, cheese, and fruit, can make staying in more comfortable while saving you a mint over room service.

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