Good Reasons to Take a Long Vacation

by Royal Holiday

Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself to take a vacation. Money’s tight, or there’s just too much to be done at work or at home. Just about anyone can talk themselves out of a trip or into a shorter one, but there are several good reasons to take an extended vacation. Consider the following before you say you can’t make it happen.

– Long vacations help you relax more. Taking 10 days off or more lets you really get away from it all and relax. If you’re normally a hard worker focused on efficiency and productivity, it may take you a few days just to slough off your go-getter attitude and sink into the rhythm of relaxation.

– Vacations rejuvenate you. If you work constantly, you’re at risk of burning out. Getting away from it all gives your brain time and distance to sort out what’s really important. It also gives you space to consider ideas that normally wouldn’t rise to the surface amidst the hubbub of everyday life.

– Time off can make you more productive. When you come back to work, you may feel better about what you do for a living and find yourself more effective at your job.

– A long vacation is more likely to be an uninterrupted vacation. If you’re gone for just a day or two, it’s tempting to try to manage a few things from the road, or to fall into the “I’ll make up for it when I get back” trap. But if you plan a long vacation, you’ll probably have to ask someone to handle your work while you’re away, which will negate the need for you to check in and allow you to relax more completely.

– Long vacations give you time to do nothing, as well as to rack up new experiences. On a shorter trip, you may have to choose between having adventures in a new place and sitting around relaxing, especially if you spend whole days in transit. But on a longer trip, you can see new things and still have time to kick back and watch the sunset or read a book.

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