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Myrtle Beach

It is known worldwide that Route 66 is one of the greatest highways in the United States. Known as the “Mother Highway”, Route 66 crosses from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. It has been immortalized in multiple songs, books, and movies. However, this is not the only highway that is worth recognizing in the United States. On the east coast of the United States, you’ll be able to find Route 17, also known as the “Valley Surprise”.


Myrtle Beach

Route 17 is a highway that crosses more than 1.864 miles from Florida to Virginia and hugs the Atlantic coast. This highway takes travelers through a beautiful mix of natural landscapes, historic cities, and wonderful beaches. In the heart of this panoramic route, you’ll find Myrtle Beach, a place where fun and adventure will never end. Located in South Carolina,
this coastal city is a paradise for anyone who loves the sun, sand, and having fun.


Myrtle Beach

Let yourself be amazed by the greatest buildings in New York! Learn more here. One of the hidden treasures along Route 17 is Huntington Beach State Park, a natural refuge. Here, the coastal beauty finds the rich wildlife of South Carolina. Here, visitors will be able to walk around, look at the different animal species in their natural habitat, especially birds, and admire the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nonetheless, the adventure goes way beyond this. Route 17 also, takes visitors to the Brookgreen Art Museum and the botanical garden of Waccamaw, two places where culture and nature create a unique experience. From wonderful sculptures to breathtaking botanical gardens, these places offer a great opportunity to look into the past and the biodiversity of the region.

Brookgreen Gardens

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Charleston SC

Route 17 also serves as a bridge from Myrtle Beach to Charleston. Famous for its distinctive colonial architecture, delicious gastronomy, and rich cultural heritage, Charleston is a destination that you can’t miss if you want to dive into the history and beauty of the South of the United States. From tours to the historical district of the markets to gourmet dinners, and fancy
restaurants, Charleston offers an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Route 17 is way more than a highway, it is an open pass to exploring the beauty and diversity of the coast of South Carolina, and of course, its beautiful hidden treasure, Myrtle Beach. From the great beaches to the beautiful and relaxing state parks, and the elegance of this historical city, this highway offers hundreds of adventures so get ready to get in your car and drive. Discover the magic of the Atlantic coast and drive through Route 17. Make your reservation through our website

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