The Holiday that keeps on Giving

by Royal Holiday

Sometimes the far off places seem positively unreachable. Royal Holiday is designed to make sure you can get going, with confidence and regularity, not just this year but every year. Check out these tips so that your next break is even better than the last.
1. Research!
Royal Holiday’s website is continually updated with the when and the where and the how. You can go at peak season, but very often the best travel opportunities come when you really weren’t planning on anything special. The savings can be spectacular, and with that…
2. Check out the costs
Don’t get discouraged. Because Royal Holiday is in permanent holiday planning mode, we can always show you the biggest savings and the best opportunities. But don’t make it just a short break. To get your money’s worth, very often, a longer and more extravagant holiday will help you to save, and celebrate, that much more.
3. Book early
Experienced Royal Holiday travelers book three or four months ahead and often even six to eight months ahead of time. You’re ALWAYS preparing for that next great holiday! That doesn’t mean you need to live with constant anxiety. Quite the contrary, you’re always learning something new and enjoying the idea that your vacation is ready to go.
4. Plan an itinerary
With a little more time, you really can schedule side-trips, day-trips, and for special events. But make sure you plan for some total down-time too. There’s no holiday if you’re running every minute.
5. Last minute
Pack light. Pack clothes for your planned activities, but the day before your trip, confirm car rentals or similar big ticket reservations. Put your documents together and all the toiletries and necessities.

Remember – part of the Royal Holiday plan is always for going back. That should make going and getting the most out of every trip a little easier. You don’t need to do it all, because next year is going to be just as spectacular.

We’d love to know how you make Royal Holiday work for you. Lots of members do it and we’re always learning from all of them. How about from you?



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