If you are an entrepreneur, here is how to spend your holidays

by Royal Holiday

Holidays, a beautiful word that does not show up often in the vocabulary of an entrepreneur. Let’s forget about the full vacation weeks you had when you were a student; a day or two out of the office sounds like a crazy and unthinkable thing. How will my business survive if I am not working? What will my employees do in my absence? What if a customer finds me on the web and I lose that opportunity because I am out of their reach? The reality is that everything survive without your hard work; you, your business, your team and your clients. And it is also true that both you and your employees need to stop the hard work from time to time to think and do the things that excite you. So if I already convinced you to give yourself you a short vacation time although you cannot go to a beach, you should take note of the 7 things you should do during this time:

1. Spend time with family and friends

Yes, it sounds obvious, but it is very likely that during the first months of your business you’ve neglected most of your closest and most rewarding relationships. During these days you should give them quality time and forget about your laptop and cell phone. Take advantage of the fact that the city is half empty and you can now go to parks or places that your partner, parent or child wanted to go throughout the year. Do not forget your best friends; those who have been with you through thick and thin. Call them and organize a meet up with them. You will notice how much you needed a laugh and a few shots with people you love and love you.

2. Read a good book

The requirements and obligations of everyday life make us forget the things we most enjoy. If you’re passionate about reading, take advantage of this season to read that book you had placed on your night table waiting to be read. In addition to relax and have a good time, you’ll surely learn lessons that will help you to be better next year. The same is true with your favorite shows: these days can be ideal to watch the seasons of your favorite series that, out of lack of time, you haven’t been able to complete.

Image courtesy of Matthias Ripp at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Matthias Ripp at Flickr.com

3. Exercise

Exercising is good for your health your mood and your concentration. Practice any sport that you really enjoy, go to yoga or Zumba classes, run by the Park, ride your bike to fun places or swim for a while. The idea is to enjoy it and at the same time strengthen your muscles and bones that probably spend a big part of the year sitting uncomfortably in front of your computer screen.

4. Unplug

Again, nothing will happen if you don’t work for a day, a weekend or a whole week. Before you take on your vacation time, let to your clients and employees know that you will be out of reach during certain dates and that they should only contact you if there is an emergency. It is also basic that you define what is urgent and try to limit this things to a max, avoid the temptation of checking your emails or answer to all calls.

5. Get in touch with nature

For those of us who live in big cities, a breath of fresh air can completely change our perspective and humor. Take advantage of these days to go to parks or natural areas near you, you might be surprised by the amount of spaces like these inside big metropolis. In these places you will be able to relax and be inspired while you are with yourself.

6. Write

The exercise of writing is not only reassuring, but also a little therapeutic to decrease stress levels and unleash your creativity. Write on your computer or in a notebook about the best experiences that you have had this year and what your dreams are for the next one. Putting this things in writing makes them a little more real; In addition, this might turn it into a habit and it would be an excellent idea to open a blog to promote yourself as an entrepreneur or expert in your industry.

7. Remember the thank you notes

The end of the year is a good time to reflect. Take advantage of this momentum to hand written thank you notes to the people you appreciate the most, people who have helped you achieve your goals during the year. They might be your colleagues and partners, your family, friends, your clients, suppliers, etc. When you do this it is likely that you discover there are many people who support you.

Image courtesy of Jack at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Jack at Flickr.com

And always remember to have fun!

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