Some tips and tricks for your holidays

by Royal Holiday

When we travel, the idea is to relax, get out of the routine and enjoy ourselves. Now, for everyone that may be a little different. Some people may enjoy visiting a full-of-life metropolitan city to enjoy the culture, museum and nightlife. While other may prefer a solitary beach where the only company you have is the waves, the sun and the animals. So, when it comes to going away on holidays your definition of vacation will at the end determine what would be your ideal spot. Independent of the place you choose, there are some tricks and tips that will assure you have an absolute fabulous time.

Image courtesy of the opoponax at

Image courtesy of the opoponax at

Pack less

When travelling for some reason clothing always seems to multiply making it so much harder to get the same stuff in the same bag on your return trip. Also, consider the fact that you may buy things while you’re there, which will also take up luggage space.

Learn a little of the language

In another country, it’s always important to at least basic phrases and go-to expressions. Besides the fact that you show respect towards their culture and language, you can also really immerse yourself completely, as well as even learn a bit more while you’re there.

No drinking tap water

In many countries and cities, drinking tap water is not safe. Always verify before traveling if they have clean tap water, if not prepare yourself by always carrying bottled water and avoid getting sick by never drinking it.

Check your options, hotels and hostels are not the only ones

When booking your trip, always consider other options. Nowadays there are many places to stay besides a hotel or hostel. Renting an apartment or private rooms may do the trick depending on what you’re looking for.

Bring earplugs

You never know when you might be doing an activity that will require these and they will even come in handy when it’s a long airplane ride.

Bring your own Internet ready device

Some places have very expensive Internet, so always travel with either a tablet or smartphone that can pick up Wi-Fi. In some places it’s just impossible to fin, but look up some tips on how to get free Wi-Fi or reduce costs on roaming while you’re away. It will definitely come in handy.

Carry with you an extra top

When traveling the temperature can change a lot, thus not making your option of clothing always the best one. Try dressing in layers, so you can either put on or take depending on the case.

Invest in noise cancelling headphones

If you just want to take advantage and sleep a few hours while you reach your destination, then these are essential.

Travel with kindles, not books

Books occupy a lot of luggage room, besides the fact that Kindles were made for traveling. They are the perfect size and you can enjoy reading while on the go.

Look before you leave

On a trip the worst thing that can happen is to misplace or lose things, so always look twice before you leave a place.

Roll your clothes when packing

Yes, roll instead of fold. You won’t imagine how much room you save, once you try it you’ll never go back.

Use body language

Since language may be an issue, rely on body language to communicate; although it would be wise to look up basic don’ts in body language in the region, to avoid insulting someone.

Bring money belt and wallet (just in case)

Just in case you are mugged, money belts come in very handy. This way you can hand over your wallet, and continue with your holiday with minor inconveniences.   

Never exchange money at your hotel

Usually hotel rates a more expensive, so always shop around.

Make good use of your smartphone

Smartphones can carry all sorts of apps that can come in handy while traveling, so take full advantage of them and download the ones you’ll really need.  

Some extra ones for when going to the beach:

Baby powder

Removing sand can be an ugly business, but sprinkle a little baby powder and you’ll see how it just falls right off.

Take your own towel

Although hotels and cruises give you the standard white towel take your own. This way your lounge chair will always be easy to spot.

Antibacterial wipes

These will come in handy in most situations, but they can also help in an emergency to clean up and first treat a minor cut. So keep them close by because you never know.

Careful with the number of seashells you pick up

In some countries they limit the number of seashells you can leave with and even slap a fine on offenders and delay them at the airport. So read up, just to be safe.

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