How to Unpack After a Trip

by Royal Holiday

Image by Jenny w.

Most travelers would agree that unpacking after a trip is one of the least enjoyable parts of going on holiday. Consequently, it’s a task that many often tend to put off for as long as possible. But neither is it much fun to spend the following week tripping over your suitcase every time you walk into your bedroom. However, as much as you might not feel like it, tackling that suitcase the minute you get home from your trip will save you a major headache in the long run. Following are some simple tips for getting the unpacking process over with as quickly and effectively as possible:

Just get started.

If you experience fatigue and disappointment at the end of your trip, unpacking can seem like a bigger job that it actually is. The trick is to get yourself started by just doing one thing. For instance, make it a goal to put your toiletries bag in the bathroom, or put all your shoes back on your shoe rack. Once you see that one little task didn’t take much effort, it’s easier to move on with the rest of the unpacking.

Put all your clothes in the laundry.

Sorting through dirty and clean clothes at the end of a trip is usually one of the jobs that can take the most time. Save yourself the hassle, and simply put all the clothes from your suitcase right into the washing machine. Chances are that even if you didn’t wear that T-shirt, it won’t be at its best after two weeks at the bottom of your suitcase anyway.

Designate a visible “deal with it later” area.

It’s helpful to put items that don’t yet have a permanent place in your home, such as trip souvenirs or gifts for friends, somewhere visible and public, like on your kitchen table. This gets them out of your suitcase and ensures that they won’t sit forgotten in a bag in the corner of your bedroom.

Don’t forget to clean your suitcase.

Bedbugs and other unwanted guests can be an unfortunate travel hazard, so make sure not to put away your suitcase until you’ve cleaned it out. Vacuum it inside and out, wipe down any metal or plastic parts, and remove and throw away baggage tags.

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