Vacation Planning Tips for Large Groups

by Royal Holiday

Image by Alvaro Prieto

Are you tempted by the idea of taking a vacation with a large group of friends or family members, but are concerned that it might turn into a planning nightmare? Don’t give up on the idea just yet. Coordinating a holiday outing for a large group can be a challenging enterprise. However, with clear communication, careful organization, and a good dose of patience, it is possible to put together a trip full of good experiences and great memories. Following are some key tips to keep in mind when planning your next group vacation:

Timing is everything.

In order to avoid the frustration of finding out that everything – from airline tickets to hotel rooms – is expensive or fully booked, it’s best to start planning for your group trip as far in advance as possible. Six months is usually the minimum lead time; a year is even better. It can also be helpful for large groups to consider traveling during off-peak times of year, when prices are usually lower and there are more options available for accommodations and transportation.

Decide how to make decisions.

Good communication is important when planning a group vacation. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire group has to be involved in every decision every step of the way. You should have a conversation with all of the group members before the serious planning gets off the ground to decide how the process should unfold. Perhaps your group is happy about having one designated leader who will make executive decisions on behalf of the entire group. Or perhaps the group prefers to have one person in charge of decisions about transportation, another in charge of arranging accommodations, and so on. The choice is up to your group, but it’s important to be clear about this early on in order to avoid conflicts later in the planning process.

Embrace technology.

There is a wide range of websites, apps, and other technological tools out there to make the process of planning a group vacation easier than ever. Trying out some of these options can mean the difference between a smooth planning process and a painful one. For maximum effectiveness, you should spend time investigating which tools might work best for your group, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable using them.

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