The Every-Year Travel Insurance Solution

by Royal Holiday

The Royal Holiday is always more than a vacation. It’s something celebrated – every year – by tens of thousands of travelers from all around the world. Almost always – almost – everything goes exactly as planned. But there’s always that one thing that can go wrong. And your annual holiday is just not the time to risk it.

Royal Holiday Members get special rates – whenever they want – on  Assist Card and everything the package includes. It’s actually far better than mere travel insurance. Assist Card provides coverage for cancellations FOR ANY REASON!* Any outlay you’ve made for your annual holiday will be reimbursed – for any reason, and with no penalties.

Fortunately, most Royal Holiday Members don’t have to cancel often. When they go, Assist Card is still the best option and heads and tails above all but the very best travel insurance on the market.

With the Assist Card app installed on your smartphone, you’re not only ready, you’re ready for anything. Just register through the app and you’ll have access to multiple services including a live chat with Assist Card executives who will guide you through the sign-up process. They’ll even help with any unexpected or last minutes needs like car rentals or other transportation. Lost baggage or flight delay, medical care and coverage or even a flight back home in a real emergency – it’s all part of the plan.

Even if you don’t sign up right away, the app has plenty for non-members too. The non-members section lets you compare exchange rates, check the weather and relevant news, or even do simple translations, and a directory of all the points of interest where you’re going. That’s just to give non-members a taste of everything Assist Card offers.

Finally, the question as to cost comes up.

The costs for Assist Card will vary depending on your country of origin and your age. There is coverage for travel just inside your country too and how long you plan on traveling can also affect your annual cost. On the whole, it’s the most comprehensive package Royal Holiday could find to cover all traveling members and the deal on rates is something the Club passes on – with reduced rates for Members – every year they plan on traveling.

Ask your Member Services Rep whenever you call or email.

Your new Assist Card will always let you cancel – with no risk. But there are other, multiple benefits from lost or stolen baggage or documents replacement – to emergency medical and evacuation as well as coverage should anything interfere with your annual holiday. Your Royal Holiday Member Services rep will be happy to explain everything in complete detail.

* Check the full terms and conditions at

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