Should I Pick the Window or the Aisle?

by Royal Holiday

There has long been debate about whether it’s best to choose the window seat or the aisle seat on a flight. On the one hand, aisle-seat aficionados get extra space for their legs, though they run the p
people with window seats get something to lean against when they sleep and can enjoy some truly breathtaking views. The seat location that is best for you depends on your personal preferences and the kind of flight you’re taking. With that in mind, consider the following when choosing between a window seat and an aisle seat.

Pick a window seat when:

– You hope to sleep a lot on the flight. Not only will you have something to lean your head against, but also your neighbors won’t wake you up when they get in and out of their seats.

– Your flight passes over a landmark you want to see, like the Grand Canyon.

– You have a child or a baby. The added privacy is good for nursing, and the sights out the window will help keep your child entertained.

– You don’t mind disturbing others if you have to get up.

Pick an aisle seat when:

– You have a long flight and expect to get up and stretch or use the bathroom several times.

– You want extra leg room, particularly when flying economy on a discount carrier, where there is less space between the seats.

– You don’t like enclosed spaces. The extra room on one side may help you feel more comfortable.

– You expect to get things in and out of your bag in the overhead compartment during the flight.

– You need to make a tight connection and want to be among the first passengers off the plane.

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