I need to Travel with 3 Children. What Options are Available for Me?

by Royal Holiday

Family of 5 Travel is Still Possible!

And travel with 3 children – or older adults – or any odd number of people – is a lot simpler, takes less planning and let’s parents relax – MORE.

Royal Holiday strives to offer more and better accommodations to families of every shape and size.

Many of the hotels and resorts we make available for the enjoyment of members have restrictive occupancy policy which the Royal Holiday club does not control.

These often include a maximum of 2 children per room, and thus a family of 5 – with 3 children – can have a difficult time finding one room for all 5 members, even if one child is still an infant.

Fortunately, we’re able to offer a variety of accommodations in almost every location. Your Members Services rep can tell you about rooms that range in capacity from 2 people all the way up to 11 people.

In some cases you will be restricted as to which resort you can book, but we actually heard from a member who was thrilled to finally update to the Presidential Suite at the Park Royal Cancun, after the birth of her third child. The Ambassador Suite is another terrific option, for that matter. Most hotels in the Royal Holiday collection will offer accommodations perfect for bigger families, and some specialize in just such rooms.

Your Membership Service rep has literally tons of ideas for locations perfect for just about any number of kids; right next to Disney, beaches, national parks, and, don’t forget, Cruise vacations that will make kids’ eyes literally light right up.

Remember, upgrading your membership could mean more room for bigger families while the kids are young. Later on you could be enjoying two or three vacations during a given year if you find yourself with that many more Holiday Credits each year.

[Updated November 4, 2013]

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