What to pack for a cruise

by Royal Holiday

Members of Royal Holiday can use their holiday credits to book cruises to destinations in South America, the Caribbean, and beyond. However, packing for a cruise is a little different from packing for a regular vacation. In addition to planning for several different ports, travelers need to take into account what they will be comfortable wearing on the ship and make sure they have proper attire for the evening.

For their wardrobe needs, travelers should think about what they intend to do and where they will be going. On most cruises, shorts and T-shirts are fine for shipboard activities during the day, as are skirts and blouses or sundresses. Cruise guests who plan to spend a lot of time by the pool might want to consider bringing two swimsuits, so that they will have one to wear even if the first is still wet. Casual shoes and a cover-up will also be helpful for getting between one’s room and the pool.

While most cruise ships have a relaxed dress code during the day, they tend to be more restrictive at night. Travelers should therefore check with their cruise line ahead of time to find out their guidelines. Dress codes range from casual to formal, with a couple of formal nights being normal on a seven-day trip. Casual dress usually means slacks and sports shirts for men and pants or sundresses for women, while formal can mean full suits and tuxedos or cocktail dresses.

When packing clothing to wear onshore, travelers will want to plan around their destinations. Keeping local tastes in mind is important, as is planning for activities. If people intend to go sea kayaking, their outfits will naturally be a little different than they would be if they chose to go shopping in an upscale part of town instead.

Finally, while clothes may take up the bulk of a suitcase, travelers will also want to bring along other items. Day packs are extremely useful for port days, and some kind of entertainment, whether it be books and magazines or a portable game player, will help ease away any idle hours, as well.

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