Great Places to Travel in October

by Royal Holiday

In the month of October, fall sweeps across the northern hemisphere. Days get shorter and colder, hurricanes threaten parts of North and Central America, and tourist numbers begin to decline at many summer getaways. For that reason, October can be a prime time to visit some of the world’s best vacation spots.

The Caribbean, for instance, offers warm temperatures in October, and while parts of the region are threatened by hurricanes every year, the chances of one striking at any particular moment are relatively low. Fear of storms also drives down prices, which means that travelers can get better deals during autumn than at other times of the year.

A little farther west, Mexico City, Mexico, can also make a great destination in October. Like the Caribbean, Mexico City has its low season during this month, so prices are generally cheaper. The average high temperature in Mexico City in October is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a comfortable time to visit and explore the city’s history and culture.

Travelers can also find great destinations to visit in October by traveling to the southern hemisphere. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers average highs in the eighties and nights that remain in the high sixties during October. Though it can rain a bit more than is common at other times of the year, the weather overall tends not to be an inconvenience, and travelers can easily find low-season prices in the city.

U.S. travelers looking to stay a little closer to home can also find great destinations that will not require them to carry a passport. The city of New Orleans, Louisiana, for instance, stays remarkably warm during October, and the month is its driest of the year. While the city’s low season does not hit in the fall, New Orleans still tends to be a budget-friendly place to travel.

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