An Introduction to Cruise Cabins

by Royal Holiday

Cruise cabins come in four basic types: inside, outside, balcony, and suite. However, some cruise lines offer upward of 20 cabin categories per ship. If you’re new to cruises, the differences between them might be a little confusing. Selecting the right cabin type can have a huge influence on the quality of your cruise, so make sure you take some time to figure out which cabin type will be best for you.

Inside cabins, which cost less than outside cabins, have no window and are located on the inner corridors of the ship. Outside cabins lie against the ship’s outer wall and include a window or a porthole. Balcony cabins come with small verandas where you can enjoy the fresh air in private. Lastly, suites are large cabins that may have different spaces for sleeping and living and come with extra amenities.

The most important factor in choosing a cabin may not be the cabin type but its location. A cabin located near the Lido Deck will expose you to the noise of scraping chairs and late-night pool parties, while one near popular areas of the ship like lounges, bars, and launderettes means additional foot traffic. Cabins that are low in the ship and located either forward or aft will also experience engine noise and vibration.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing your cabin depend on what kind of traveler you are. If you’re traveling with your family, you may be able to get a specially designed family suite that has a separate room for kids or a normal-size cabin with a pull-down bunk bed or a pull-out sofa. If you’re traveling alone, you may be able to get a cabin sized just for you to save some money. Additionally, if you find yourself prone to seasickness, you should try to get a cabin low in the ship and as close to the middle of the ship as possible, as the ship will be more stable in those areas.

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