Vacation Planning? How far in Advance Should I Plan my Trip?

by Royal Holiday

Vacation planning is a big part of what your Royal Holiday membership does for you. And because we’re always planning your next vacation, you can do a bit less planning and look forward to a lifetime of great vacations.

All current members of Royal Holiday have the option of booking up to one year in advance. While some can plan even further in advance, in most cases a year’s advanced planning is not totally necessary.

Because Royal Holiday is a long term plan for continual vacations and always being ready to go again, we recommend being well aware of the seasons and the long term places that fill up fast.

As a general rule, we recommend at least three months advance booking for the vast majority of Royal Holiday locations.

Many of the most popular travel destinations fill up solid, and early and they stay that way. In most locations, we recommend booking at least six months in advance.

For the following locations, even six months may not be enough. We recommend, at a minimum, six months advance booking in these locations.

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Hawaii
  5. Most destinations in Europe
  6. Most destinations in Brazil

That said, there are plenty of places where four months is a perfectly good lead time – so long as it’s not Prime Season. Check our website for seasons at the vacation spots you’re planning on visiting or speak to your Membership Services rep. There are also locations where two and three month advance booking is not unheard of and some where last minute travel deals will often be offered.

TIP: Your Membership Services rep will be happy to give you a current reading on occupancy for the time you’re hoping to travel so that you can judge what’s remaining. We’d still recommend six months to be sure, but your rep can also tell you about plenty of other locations, cruises, or similar options.   

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