Pacific Mexico or Caribbean Mexico? 10 Key Comparisons

by Royal Holiday
Pacific or Caribbean

It’s all the same ocean, isn’t it?

Though Royal Holiday travelers go almost everywhere under the sun, Mexico is still home to some of the most popular holiday spots.

But how to choose between Pacific Mexico or Caribbean Mexico?

The coasts of Mexico, both the Caribbean and the Pacific offer different advantages to different kinds of travelers and depending on the kind of vacation you’re seeking, it’s worth taking a few minutes to see the differences between these two exciting places where the sea meets the land.

In Mexico, people who fall in love with one point on one coast are just as likely to venture out and discover some place new.

There are even Royal Holiday travelers who start out in Bahamas because it’s so close, and who find later that another hour in the plane will drop them into much more affordable Cancun.

Then there are plenty of revelers who start out in Puerto Vallarta’s relatively ribald party scene, and graduate to more placid corners of the Royal Holiday portfolio.

Remember, going on vacation every year doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere different every year, but it can be fun once in a while.

Let’s take a quick look at how a vacation on the Pacific coast might compare with a vacation on Mexico’s Caribbean.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Yucatan & the Mexico Caribbean

  • The tropical Pacific ocean is not quite as brilliant blue, but it is warm and a rugged beautiful landscape offers more by way of natural excursions.
  • The sea is remarkable, calm, often pristine, and the beaches are perfect. Landscape is far flatter and thus tourist development tend to sprawl a little more.
  • Families with younger kids can enjoy a whole variety of outdoor, natural and active activities, from Zip-lining over the jungle to eco-tourist explorations and dolphin petting.
  • Of course, there are more dolphins, but the Mexican Caribbean is perfect for families with older adults and seniors, too. The relatively flat landscape welcomes walkers and strollers as well as their swift footed families.
  • Visitors hail from every corner of the world, with only slightly more from the west coasts of Canada and USA.
  • Visitors hail from every corner of the world, with only slightly more from the east coasts of Canada and USA.
  • Beaches are of excellent quality, with golden sand and many open ocean locations. (Be careful and only swim in designated areas.)
  • Paradise for Beach Lovers, often with near perfect white sand, calm seas and clear, turquoise and brilliant blue water. Safe and tranquil, there are beaches where you’ll wade 100 meters out before you’re in waist-deep.
  • Those who swoon over sunsets, maybe obviously, prefer the Pacific coast.
  • Sunsets are still in the west, but sunrises over the ocean are truly spectacular.
  • Food, particularly seafood, comes in a fantastic variety. Depending on where you go, it can take on all kinds of local variations.
  • “Yucateco” food is among the most famous and best-loved in the vast universe of Mexican cuisine. Take advantage of it while you’re in town.
  • Vacation areas tend to be more concentrated in older cities that offer energetic night life and more cultural attractions.
  • Vacation areas feel “newer,” even when they’re not. And cities are flatter and easier to navigate.
  • All Royal Holiday locations on Mexico’s Pacific Coast are served by international airports, but some may require a stop-over in Los Angeles, Houston or Mexico City.
  • Cancun is the second busiest airport in Mexico, with frequent rock-bottom specials on flights from all over North America. From there it’s easy to get to everywhere on the peninsula.
  • Royal Holiday guests stay at 5 Club Resorts amidst no less than 12 total Royal Holiday vacation spots on the Mexico Pacific. These include Park Royal Hotels in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, and Acapulco. Plus the Crown Pacific in Huatulco!
  • Royal Holiday members visit three locations (Club Resorts), two in Cancun and one in Cozumel in Caribbean Mexico. Plus there are another nine in Aruba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, including the Park Royal Club Calas (Club Resort).

Check out all of Royal Holiday’s Mexico locations below.

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