Three Justifications for All-Inclusive plans

by Royal Holiday
all inclusive

All Inclusive plans.

All Inclusive plans.

Working in the All-Inclusive market, one of the things that continues to come up is the number of travelers who don’t understand what their All Inclusive vacationing friends are getting into with all inclusive plans, and why.

How often do you hear things like these?

  • That’s not real travel. It’s just one place.
  • Why not immerse yourself in the local culture and people and history?
  • All Inclusive is for lazy people. Bah!

The fact is, being one of those people throwing bombs at lazy, child beleaguered friends, makes me well qualified to explain it to my equally travel-prejudiced adventurer friends.

People take the all-inclusive route for a very few, but important and justifiable reasons. These are as follows…

1) Travel with kids or older parents.

Not only does it put a strain on your budget, but it can try your patience too. What kind of vacation is that? Little kids, even bigger kids and parents are not the way to bust into new and exciting places. There’s nothing like discovering a pyramid in the jungle only to hear your mom complaining about her feet again. Not to mention losing the little ones.

2) Some People Have to Use “Budgets”

Actually budgeting a vacation, a relatively expensive trip, is the only way lots of people can do even go. Sorry adventurers. You’ve probably gone worse than broke more than once in your life. Folks with kids and families can’t be so carefree. The unexpected can wreak absolute havoc on a group travel experience, and you don’t want to explain later why the last few nights have to be on the floor of a hostel.Every “exotic” trip is a constant struggle to keep enough local currency in your pocket. One important rule for adventurers and their All Inclusive friends alike, no matter where you go, when you are new, you pay too much – for an exchange, for a souvenir or for a drink. All Inclusive eliminates the risk.

3) Pre-Paying is a LOT more relaxing.

Alright, they’re not busting into ancient caverns and long lost secret tribal villages. Neither were you. Pre-paying the whole thing can triple the amount of relaxation you actually get from your time away. If you try all-inclusive for no other reason, try it for this one. Bring a book.

Even though I have been to more and better and crazier places than the lady on the deck by the pool, she was a nut for backpacking around Europe just 10 years ago. Her husband has had his head in a law school book until he finally popped up 5 years ago cause his wife was pregnant. Now the two of them get way a couple of times a year, get pampered a little, pamper each other a little more, and don’t have to worry about the kids or the parents. Bringing them along brought a whole new meaning to their travel times.

That’s the way it goes.

All Inclusive today is affordable, safe and virtually risk free. It’s not for everyone, buuuuut, then again, it is probably something everyone should try. With a 3 or 4 day respite from everything being one of the most relaxing things you will ever do, it’s worth considering, perhaps before or after your true wanderlust keeps you moving on to the next great discovery.

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