How To Go Camping Comfortably And With All The Luxuries

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Camping lovers are pretty much exposed to everything when it comes to leaving their homes behind and venturing to forests, deserts, swamps and more. For those who travel with their families, it is important to make their stay as comfortable as possible and get all the help they can from all of those gadgets available to aid you on your trips. Some tools are more important than others, and there are for sure many things that we can easily go without, while others find them absolutely necessary. Things like portable stoves, large or high-tech camping tents, lamps, solar-powered devices and other type of gadgets are the most popular when it comes to bringing the best of technology out there with you.

The most comfortable tents

There are thousands of designs out there that are made for each individual taste. Some tents can be separated into single rooms while others can connect to other tents through tunnels, there are tents specially made for the beach or recreational camping and more.

Mountain Tents: There are designed to be more resistance and perform better. They have a hydrostatic head of around 5000 mm, which is enough to protect you from water, wind and snow. The Hydrostatic Head is the measure of how water resistant your tent material is. It’s measures how tall a column of water the fabric can hold before water starts to seep through the weave. There are many different sizes and models with the most popular ones as of lately being those family size tents with a capacity for eight people (they can hold up to ten really). These large tents usually have a double-layered roof and a high-resistance floor to avoid any tears that may be caused by all the traffic of those inside the tent; they also have reinforced corners to avoid any external damaged by branches, rocks or any hard surfaces really. Family-sized tents commonly have the option to connect them to other tents with the use of tunnels so you can create small habitats of your whole campsite.

Igloo Style Tent: Lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, impermeable, thermal, wind resistant and made with modern synthetic materials and with sophisticated designs that make them some of the most popular choices by experienced campers. These models are today’s most used tents, mostly due to all the features that will ensure with confidence you will be well sheltered. The dome shape offers a more aerodynamic profile against strong winds and the tent in itself is very light to carry. There are different styles according to the season in which you are camping; it is obvious that you don’t need such a thick tent during the summer and vice versa for the winter when you require extra insulation. Four-season igloo tents are perfect for lower temperature as well a strong desert or high-mountain winds but having stronger materials also means they are a bit heavier than other models.  

Image courtesy of Kevin Armstrong at

Image courtesy of Kevin Armstrong at


Structural Tents: These tents are best to carry if you have means of transportation to do so, since they are not recommended to be carried on your back for long treks for they are large and meant to house a lot of people. Structural tents are meant to stay pitched for longer periods of time and offer more comfort than other models since they pretty much mimic a real home with rooms, walls and divisions and allow for enough headspace to walk upright comfortably while inside of the tent. These tents are great for wooded areas and for places where winds aren’t too strong because their high roofs tend to make them quite unstable in that sense.

Kitchen Utensils and Cookware

When staying away from home for long periods of time, it is important to eat well and have the tools to do so. The new trends are to carry cooking utensils designed to make better meals outdoor. These materials are meant to be water and fireproof and easy to wash in order to conserve water while at the same time they are small, light and easy to carry.

Pots and cookware to prepare hot meals: There are pots and pans specially designed with divisions so you can cook multiple things at once separately. They are fireproof and they cool quickly after they are removed from the fire; they are easy to wash so they can be stored promptly after used. Kettles are also very common and some of them are very efficiently insulated so that liquids can remain hot for longer.

Efficient utensils: Utensils are necessary to eat but should not take up much space at the same time. There are many vendors out there using the best materials and the coolest designs to ensure you are making the most out of your space. Remember that when you are camping, everything should have more than one intended use; otherwise you should do without it.

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