The Best 7 Things To Keep In Mind To Just Pick Up And Travel The World

by Royal Holiday

People today choose to go on long trips to light the spark of change in their lives and to see places that one doesn’t usually get a chance to see often, like amazing beaches or magical cities. There are those who don’t care about traveling without a lot of money or with much information about their destinations, while others do not enjoy that thrill of the unknown and much rather plan everything out accordingly.

When you decide to embark on a trip there is that hesitation and fear for things not to go according to plan, however, here at Royal Holiday we love to give you tips and tricks to minimize the uncertainty and realize it is a lot more simple than you think.

Harvesting the desire and wish for traveling

The need for traveling is the main motivation that makes us ultimately pack up and take off, but first we need to light that fire that pushes us forward. Watching films, videos or photos of faraway locations that others may have visited often motivates people to get out there and see it for themselves. In other situations, the motivation is born out of specific places or activities you can find in that particular area of the world, like a special event or carnival, a museum, park or architectural landmark.


Is not necessary to have your pockets lined with cash in order to travel. Even with a small budget you can get pretty far away if you are clear on your destination and research the best way to get there.

It is obvious that you do need some money to get there and in case of an emergency, but you can cut down on a lot of expenses by staying near the areas where you will be conducting most of your activities.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you eat. Locals are the best sources for this type of information, because they know the best places with the most delicious food and always at a fraction of the price a tourist would pay. Stay away from the fancy restaurants that advertise specifically to tourist and look for where the locals go when they get hungry. Make sure your budget is planned accordingly and you set limits on your daily spending so you don’t run out of money before your trip is over. Have a special emergency fund in case you run into anything that forces you to change your plans drastically.

Length of stay

Even though we may fall in love with this new land, we cannot stay away forever. Make sure you have a very clear timeline for your trip and that will save you a lot of headaches. Make sure you make the most out of your time in every destination you visit, if you are visiting multiple cities for example. Proper advanced planning will allow you to distribute your time depending on the things you want to do at each place. Some locations you may completely cover in one day, while other places force you to stay longer in order to make it worth your while. It is important also to be mindful of dates that aren’t flexible like concerts, fairs and carnivals so you don’t miss out your chance to enjoy them fully.

Image courtesy of Gigi Griffis at

Image courtesy of Gigi Griffis at

The route

Planning the proper route is instrumental in order to make the most out of your time and money. Make sure you don’t double-track and that you take advantage of the routes that end up being cheaper when done in a certain order. Also make sure that you are aware of detours and auxiliary routes to take in case of closures or events out of your control.


Is it not necessary to take big bags and to carry your whole house in a suitcase to enjoy a trip. Learn to travel as light as possible and understand that this is an opportunity to do things differently and in a way that doesn’t require you to have all of your favorite shoes, shirts, pants, toys and gadgets. Try to bring only what you can carry on your own and comfortably.

Spending money and purchasing souvenirs.

Be mindful of your spending. Remember you set a budget for a reason and try to stick to it. Understand that in some countries, bartering is not only allowed but also highly encouraged and the prices they give you are usually not final. If you have any extra items in your bag that you brought along and you may not need, think about trading them with other people for services or items you want or need. Some travelers enjoy finding ways of making money as they travel to help them cover the expenses or simply to enjoy the experience of doing something completely different.


One of the most important aspects of traveling. A lot of people are happy with carrying around a tent and pitching it anywhere they can to sleep, while others prefer a nice room with clean sheets to call it a night.

Understand first of all, that you have plenty of options that will fit your budget and your needs in a way you find adequate. Research beforehand and also ask around once you are in the area in case you find better deals. Try to make flexible reservations in case you find a place you like better or if there are any changes in your schedules. Hostels are a great choice, but not always the best one when it comes to traveling, as they have become more and more popular lately. Nice hotels may seem expensive, but you will be surprised by what you find if you look for deals or book in advance.

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