What should you do with your pets during the trip and after coming back home

by Royal Holiday

In our previous post you could find some tips about what special cares you should do before taking your pet with you in a trip. In this post you will find what to do during the trip and what special cares you and your pet need when you two (or more) are at home again. But, in case you have not seen our previous article yet,  let’s make a short summary of the tips there posted for you to catch up. Nevertheless, do not miss our previous post!

The previous days of the trip check your pet with the veterinary. Also, verify what documents are required for the airlines you are traveling with. But, if you travel by car, there are some articles such as kennel, blanket and snacks that will make thing easier for you and your pet.

The day of the trip do not feed your pet as usual, do it with at least 4 hours in advance. If needed, use a sedative but only if it is required and with the recommended dose of a vet. Also, try not to bother people around you. Think very well where are you going to place your pet, this will prevent you a lot of troubles.

In the destination…

  1. When you arrive to your destination, take a walk with your pet as soon as possible. Remember trips are stressful for pets so it is recommendable to play with them in order to calm them down. 
  2. If you are hosting in a hotel, go in with your pet as if you were at home. This will show your pet that place is trusted and safe. Do not nag your pet since he or she will think something bad is going on that place and for sure suspicion will come over. 
  3. Inside the room exploration is necessary. Your pet need to go around the new place, explore it before finding a comfortable place where to lay on. If you allow so, everything will be more natural for your friend. 
  4. Watch your pet constantly. Always use the dog collar and if possible, a registration tag. It is also essential to keep your information up to date and include information such as your email or whatsapp number if you are in a foreign country. Furthermore, try to stick on the tag the name and phone number of the hotel you are hosting at. But, if you are planning to leave your pet on at the hotel, make sure he or she has enough water, food, ventilation, and any escape route.  

When you go back home…

  1. If it was the first experience for you and your four-legged friend, you will be able to know if you pet is or not a good traveler. If he or she had a bad experience, do not force him or her to do it again. Finding a person, may be a relative, who takes care of your pet would be better for both of you and if you do not know someone you can do it, there are also some vets that have the option of taking care of your friend. 
  2. Watch they way your pet behave. Pets are more sensitive for illness, especially when they eat new things. It could happen that he or she ate something strange and you did not notice it but the most easy way to check if it is that is taking a deeper look at their droppings. It it does not have the same color and also thickness you have to go to the vet.  

If you need more information, you can visit the following web page http://www.pettravel.com/. They also provide you assistance in Airline policies, pet passports, pet friendly hotels, pet travel sport, pet travel transport and pet insurances. They have been working on this field since 1986 so, if there are people who know about traveling with pets, they are Pet Travel.  

Image courtesy of DigitalRalph at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of DigitalRalph at Flickr.com

Finally it is good to quote what the famous and renown dog’s psychologist, Cesar Millan, has said about traveling with your dog Traveling with a dog can be a fun experience for both of you. Just remember to be as prepared as possible wherever you go. The more homework you do on dog travel, the fewer surprises there will be. Don’t forget to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and above all, of course, be calm and assertive. A balanced dog makes the best travel companion.” From now on your trips will be more exciting and lonely nights are over!

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