10 Tips for those who travel with their best friends (pets) wherever they go

by Royal Holiday

Traveling is amazing when you do not regret of anything. People who have pets always regret because it is not possible for them to take their pets with them. Actually, while they travel, they are not completely happy because they miss so much their pets and in some occasions, they decide to return home earlier than they expected because either their pets got sick due to their master’s absence or being far away from their pets made them sick. If you are those kind of people whom letting their pets at home is a crime, don’t worry, here are 10 tips that will encourage you to travel with your little or big friend whenever possible.

The following tips have been thought for dogs and cats only but if you have another kind of pet, may be some tips work for you.

Tips to take into account the previous days of the trip:

  • If the trip is by plane:

Make sure with what the airline company’s conditions or rules are. Usually, they ask for vaccination certification, a description of the animal’s medical conditions signed by a vet and if it is about an international trip, make sure if an official translation is required. These are the common requirements but each airline has its own specifications for pets so consult them in advance.

  • If you are traveling on your car

These is more comfortable for you and for your friend. You can stop whenever and wherever you want it and your pet can have short walks. Nevertheless, there are some products that you can acquire and for sure will make your trip more pleasant. For instance, a waterproof fabric will protect your seats from your pet’s fur, a cloth for cleaning constantly your pet’s nose or a little toy that will focus their attention on that and not on other stuffs.  

  • Take your pet in a kennel

If you are going to use a kennel for your pet, do not wait until the day of the trip for make your pet get use to that. It is recommendable to “introduce” the kennel to your pet in advance and let it there for 30 minutes. A good tip for it is to put a snack inside the kennel so your pet will not feel afraid of the kennel but it will be seen as a reward for them.

  • Take a blanket with you

This will avoid you a lot of troubles. Some places do not allow pets because of their fur, so if you take a blanket with you, your pet will be welcome!

Image courtesy of John Sibley at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of John Sibley at Flickr.com

The day of the trip…

  • Do not feed your pet three hours before the trip

This could turn into a bad experience if you do that. Feed your pet three hours before the trip and then have a snack with you so if you stop during the trip, you pet can have a little snack.

  • When pets are anxious you can give them a sedative

Although this idea is not welcome for many people, this option is a good choice when pets have an uneasy behavior. Nevertheless, ask a vet before medicate your pet. The dose varies according to its size and weight.

  • If your pet is a dog, take a long walk.

This will make your dog fell tired and for sure he or she will sleep for a while during the trip. Beside, this will make your dog more easygoing.

  • Let your pet outside the kennel until the last minute.

This is recommendable for air travels. Do not enter your pet inside the kennel immediately you arrive to the airport. If you do that, your pet will feel stressed because the airport is a new place and the enclosure in a new place could be chaotic.

  • Place the kennel wisely.

Remember you are not alone in the plane or the bus. It could happen that the person next to you don’t like animals or have a condition due to animal’s fur or animals itself. Site the kennel in a place where your pet can see you or feel your and do not butter the other people.

  • Avoid dramatic farewells!

This tip could be weird but remember one thing, animals are much more sensitive than humans. Hence, if your farewell is so emotive, your pet immediately is going to feel pressure and tension. For him or her, something bad or wrong is happening and during the trip it will be more difficult for you to calm him or her down.

Do not miss next post where we will share some tips for you and your pet after the arrival and the homecoming.

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