When traveling you can protect the environment as well!

by Royal Holiday

The Global Warming has set off alarms for reducing the impact some current actions have on the Earth. Traveling does not escape from the list of actions that cause damages to the environment. It is as simple as follow, it does not matter how careful people are; if they travel, they will cause some irreversible damages to the planet. On April 22nd the world will celebrate the Earth Day, so that here there is a list with some advices for travelers who also care about the Earth’s preservation.

Air transportation produces tons of pollution (CO2). For instance, a trail from Bogotá(Colombia) to Lima (Peru) a passenger produces around one ton of CO2, the main human cause of the Global Warming. Actually, if two people go from USA to Europe, they are able to pollute in the same scale a current home does when electricity and gas consumption.  As you have been reading this post, you are aware about the pollution you have produced, especially when traveling. Take the following tips handy, and do not stop traveling. Just do it in a more conscious way.

  • When you go camping, take garbage with you

Remember that one of the benefits of camping is being in touch with nature. This is why you should take non-disposable objects and in case you do it, take the waste products with you, do not leave them in the place you camped even if there you find garbage can because the frequency they are taken off is not the same as at home.

  • Choose walking for visiting closer places

This option will benefit you as well as the environment. Don’t you think it is better to explore new places by walking? This is a true fact. You don’t need to worry about schedules because you go on your own pace. You can better appreciate accents, little details landmarks have but you can notice them when you stare them for a while, you also can find some places that are not renowned or mentioned in tourist guides but have the perfect souvenirs for you to take. Plus, the environment will thank you for the no CO2 emission.

  • Choose bike when walking takes a long time

This option is available because cities and towns that are often visited by tourists are investing in this option. For you finding a bike renting will not be a difficult task. This option is the greenest option for tourism, so be part of it and use a bike!

  • Are you renting a car? Public transportation is better

Renting a car is more comfortable, there is not any discussion about it. Nevertheless, public transportation is another way to be involved with culture. There is were locals really meet. This is the best place to realized who natives behave, talk, share ideas, what kind of music the listen, how is their every-day way of dressing. To sum up, you will be, for a while, part of one of the natives’ common routines.

  • Say no to the every-day towels and sheets’ changing

This campaign is being led by hotels and hostels as well. They invite you to decide if you don’t want your towels and sheets be changed every day. People ignore how positive this endeavor is but think about how much water and energy is required for washing them. Furthermore, at home people don’t use to do it every day so take the same habit with you in your trips.   

  • Is air conditioner essential for having the best stay?

This is something relative with different points of view. But, try to use a fan in step of turning on the air conditioner. In some cases, the heat is intolerable yet, try to find other options for keeping cooler before turning on the air conditioner. Let it be your last resource!

  • Do not waste water in your showers

People usually shower more than once when they are traveling so, regulate your showers as if you divide the time and water consumption of a regular shower you take at home into two. And, be aware about the soap consumption. This also pollutes water so try to use it not much than needed.

Image courtesy of Leo Newball, Jr. at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Leo Newball, Jr. at Flickr.com

  • Have a bottle and a set of cutlery with you

Some restaurants give you a set of disposable cutlery and as it is known, polymers take hundreds of years to break down. Having your personal set will avoid the planet to break down more polymers. And, this also applies for the water bottles you buy. Have one with you, so that you just need to fill it when necessary.

This tips are easy to follow, be green and thank the Earth for the beautiful landscapes you can explore in your trips.


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