Is it possible to travel better and lighter in a long term trip? The clue is on your clothes!

by Royal Holiday

When you plan a long term travel you immediately think about the enormous size of your luggage. Your clothes for sure will require more space than you thought and as it is expected, your bags will be heavier. Then after, you hesitate if doing or not the walks and tours you have planned for a very long time. Did it ever happen to you? Then, when you come back from your holiday, you realize that you didn’t even use half of the clothes you had in your luggage and that space could be better used with souvenirs you didn’t take because of the lack of space. Avoiding all the extra kilos you dragged with you is very simple, just check the following advices and then you see how satisfying it is to bring the right amount of clothes: not too much, not too little, just enough.

  1. Choose the lightest clothes

    Believe it or not, clothes’ material matter when you have to safe space and weight in your luggage. Be efficient with the material you choose.  Some clothes are both, lighter and warmer than others that are apparently warm but still heavy. The brand Icebreaker is a good example of this material because they sell clothes made from ultralight merino wool that offers naturally moisture-wicking, breathable and temperature-regulating comfort. This is just what you need.

  2. Wash your clothes

    bringing so many clothes could turn on a clumsy idea. You won’t need to bring so many clothes. Remember that the main purpose of your trip is to visit as much places as you can, so then wear always the same clothes, the same shoes. And, when it be required, use the laundry services hotels offer. But take into account they charge it by weight so wash them only when there is about nothing left to wear. Be wise and pack clothes you can wear more than once such as hiking boots, flip flop and casual shoes.

  3. Take clothes than can be easily washed

    Better to take printed clothes than a white dress that can easily become dirty. Packing dark clothes is also a good idea since if they have a very difficult washing satin, you don’t need to spend a lot of time washing them. This advice includes under-wear as well. Some under-wear, specially women’s clothing, are made of some delicate materials or have some little details that even if make them cute, washing them ends up in a waste of time when traveling or a mess if you are not patient enough.


    Image courtesy of 35/52 at

    Image courtesy of 35/52 at

  4. Clothes’ choosing must be done efficiently

    Take clothes that dry easily. This tip is obviously related to the previous one. If you want to wash your clothes, you have to choose your clothes that dry the best. For instance, microfiber towels dry you better than ordinary towels but what makes them special is their size and weight. Even after using them, you will not note their weight because as long as you use them, you drain them. Furthermore, there is another awesome piece of clothing for you to pack, the Keirin Cuts pants from the band Outlier. Click on the following link see its cool waterproof function, for sure this is a must for your trip.  

  5. Are you planning to get rid of some of your clothes? Take them with you!

You are no longer using some of your clothes but they fit on the previous requirements. So, take them with you, use them and may be in your travel you will find someone to give them to. At hostels for examples volunteers accept whatever you left. Or, in some cities or towns with poor conditions there are thousands of people who accept this. After the donations, you will have the enough space for souvenirs without paying an extra charge for it. Think about it in the following way: at least to people will be benefit with this idea, you and the person or people you donate your clothes to.   
These 5 simple tips may seem obvious but, when you are packing you are not aware of them and sometimes people tend to forget that they travel for a long time and they bring tons of things that they don’t even use. Traveling travel lighter is much better because you feel more comfortable and freer for doing whatever you want. Take only the essential with you, remember that what you will need the most is time for visiting and enjoying all places you have planned to visit and some other that you had never imagine they exist.

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