8 useful Gadgets you need to pack when traveling

by Royal Holiday

Any time of the year is good to think about vacation. Traveling will always bring along great excitement and new experiences.  I does not matter if, by the time of the year, some places are dark, cold, and the wind is strong, or if, on the contrary, the weather is too hot or humid. You end up traveling to the place where you want to go and that is why, planning your vacation ahead and getting the best gadgets to make the most of it, is a must.  Jonathan Thompson, who won the award for British Travel Writer of the year, chose the travel technology in which you should invest this year.

These gadgets should be considered more often when buying gifts especially for people who are frequent travelers. These practical electronic devices can be used outdoors or when hiking as they were created to solve problems in a clever way.  

Image courtesy of ens Hoffmann at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of ens Hoffmann at Flickr.com

  1. HUSH Smart Earplugs

Have you ever been in a transatlantic flight with babies crying all the time or with a neighbor who snores like a train? Thanks to the first intelligent earplugs, this won’t be problem anymore. They’re comfortable and will help you sleep with a variety of soothing sounds.  However, you won’t oversleep because you can set an alarm to gently wake you up just in time for the next meal.  Also, you will save some space in your bag as the compact case acts as a charger, and you don’t have to worry about losing them as you can track them through the app.

  1. Griffin’s new Apple Watch travel charger

Many people have gone through the difficult situation of running out of battery while traveling; first with smartphones and today with smartwatches, too.  If you are one of those frustrated users of Apple, you can count now with the ingenious Griffin key holder.  You will never have to lose unnecessary time looking for a charger as you have it in in own your keys.

  1. BlueSmart Intelligent Carry-on suitcase

Once you get this intelligent suitcase, you won’t have to waste your time looking for it at the airport as it tells you where it is at all times.  You won’t have to pay for baggage excess either as it also tells you how much it weighs.  Additionally, you can use the app to close and open it with a key and it has an inside and an outside USB charging station at hand. Last but not least, it will help you remember simple things and you can always bring it with you as it fits within the dimensions of hand baggage in most airlines.

  1. Samsung Notebook 9

Are you tired of how heavy your computer is?  Well, this laptop will put an end to that given that it weighs less than 1 kg, which makes it the most portable laptop on the market.  It is so thin that it is difficult to see it sideways.  However, you will find an incredible amount of technology into its slim chassis including an HD screen and 10 hour battery life on a single charge.  

  1. Zhor-Tech Digitsole SmartShoes

You can count now with a pair of shoes inspired by ‘Back to the Future’.  For starters, your feet will always be warm; you can adjust the internal temperature on cold mornings during the weather and spring.  Also, you can forget about tying your laces since they can be adjusted or loosened from your phone.  And, if you are walking in the dark, they can light your way with the lights they have in the soles.  Additionally, you can keep record of where you go in a very accurate way since the information comes directly from your steps.  And you wouldn’t imagine this! You don’t even need to connect them at night; they are charged wirelessly.

  1. In&Motion Smart Ski inflatable vest

Now you can have one of the best Bond gadgets ever created thanks to the French company In&Motion.  They have made the inflatable vest ski a real gadget to use.  You don’t need to worry about how safe it is because it was approved by the International Ski Federation.  It has gyroscopic sensors, GPS and an accelerometer to detect an emergency.  In case you are about to have an accident, it will automatically inflate the vest to protect you in just a second.

  1. Logbar iLi translator

Logbar is a Japanese brand which has created a portable translator.  It is activated by voice and works by repeating phrases in your desired language.  So far you can count on English, Chinese and Japanese; French, Spanish and Thai are in process.  The best of it is that you don’t need internet connection and you can hung it around your neck as it is small and very practical.

  1. Huawei Mate 8

This smart device has a great battery that you can use for an incredible period of 48 hours.  It also has an outstanding feature, turbocharging technology, which allows the device to be recharged in 30 minutes.  However, this is not all regarding what makes international travelers happy.  It has dual SIM which means that you can use two cards at once with a simple movement on screen which will help you save a fortune on roaming charges.

Nowadays, there is an application already designed for everything.  You want to make sure to download some useful applications on your device before going on your next trip.  Luckily for you, most hotels and airlines have their own easily accessible application.  It can be very useful to make plans, even if they are last-minute.  And don’t worry, new travel apps are being developed every day aiming at improving travelers’ experience and convenience.

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