Make sure your honeymoon is unforgettable

by Royal Holiday

Most spend so much time planning their wedding they end up exhausted and the honeymoon is the perfect reward to relax and get away from it all with the person you decided to spend the rest of your life with. So figuring out the perfect honeymoon destination is a big deal to make sure you have an unforgettable start to your marriage.

Plan the details

Get help

By getting a travel consultant to help with all the details you’ll avoid any mishaps on your honeymoon like flights that don’t connect, getting the wrong room booked, or maybe missing out on big discounts. They can definitely help assure you get the best possible experience on your trip.

Choose the destination

This is the first big compromise you’ll be making with your significant other, so get things started on the right foot. Although most may jump directly to the sleeping on a beach honeymoon, is that what you both really want? Some may want to go and explore museums in a metropolitan city, or go on an adventure in the Andes mountains. Sit down and really explore your options, put together things that both of you would like to do. If you are interested in keeping it interested and busy, be sure to make time to rest up.

Make sure you have time

When choosing the destination, it’s also very important to make sure if you’re going halfway around the world the long trip is worth the time you have to actually stay at the destination. On some occasions you’ll plan to go to some exotic island but when calculating the travel time you will only have to be there half the time you expected to be, and return exhausted from the trip back.


Determine a budget from the beginning. Before you fall in love with a destination make sure you are aware of how much money you are willing to spend on tickets and hotels. Another option could be to postpone to a less expensive season, and make the most of your money.

Do your homework

I know sometimes you might be excited to confirm your reservation and book that hotel room that looks amazing in the pictures, but be sure to take time and do your homework. When hotels and plane tickets have a big discount, make sure you find out all the details before taking it, like that the hotel is not under renovation or that they are in rainy season, or even worse, hurricane season.

Pack right

Make sure you know what’s on your agenda (more or less) and where you are headed so you pack accordingly. If it has old-country cobblestone streets heels may not be your best choice. So be sure to be prepared and pack what you may need on the whole trip not just your final destination, like a sweater for strong AC or a pashmina for the plane.   

Once all of this planning is out of the way make sure to simply enjoy your trip. An important part of this is to expect the unexpected and not wallow on the inconveniences that may come up. Some final tips, but now let’s focus on destinations. Here’s a list that will definitely help independent of the season or type of trip you’re interested in. You’ll find a quick list of the places you should skip out on depending on the season.

Image courtesy of Jamie McCaffrey at

Image courtesy of Jamie McCaffrey at


Beijing, China: During January most Chinese families visit the capital and other places around the country, so most attractions will have long lines, not to mention a lot of the restaurants are closed during this season.  

Chicago, Illinois: Saving the Windy City for Summer will save you possible frostbite.

Vienna, Austria: During this time of year it can be quite cold, so leave it for the Spring since it is becoming a travel hotspot.


Orlando, Florida: During Spring Break all you’ll find in Orlando are long lines, college students and families. Not ideal for a honeymoon.

Hamilton, Bermuda: Bermuda perfect for beaches, is pretty chilly during this time of year, not allowing you to fully enjoy the beaches.

Kenya, Africa: This time of year is rainy season and will not let you enjoy the safari you and your spouse have in mind. Leave this trip for summer or fall.


New York, New York: Summer is not the time to enjoy the city since the heat is almost unbearable and there’s pretty much nothing to do since locals leave town.

Image courtesy of Michael Muraz at

Image courtesy of Michael Muraz at

Paris, France: You’ll miss out on the authentic feeling since most local have all of August off.

Mumbai, India: Monsoon season could ruin your vacation, so it’s better to visit after July.


Cayman Islands: This time of year is known for it’s tropical storms and hurricanes, which is not ideal when you’re on your honeymoon.

Cancun, Mexico: Also considered this city’s only rainy season all year round.

Queensland, Australia: From October to December you’ll find the hottest and most humid days in Queensland making sightseeing a feat.

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