First travel abroad? Don’t panic, this tips will make you forget the panic and enjoy your trip.

by Royal Holiday

Travel around the world is all young people purpose. You imagine yourself visiting other countries, tasting different kind of food, food you have never imagined you could taste. Furthermore, you want to experience how it feels living in different cultures, when other languages and ways of life let you speechless. Definitively, traveling is better when you are young and you are not afraid of mistakes or risks. Nevertheless, your trips have been made with your family or inside your country and you have already make the decision it is time to travel alone and the idea of traveling abroad seduces you. Here you are, with the idea of have the most exciting travel ever but you are also afraid of what could happen to you in a foreign land where nobody cares about you and rules, habits and languages in some cases vary a lot from what you have lived so far. Being afraid is normal, do not feel you are coward, changes always represent no stability and even if it makes you feel lost, do not quick your plans and take this tips with you. For sure, your trip will teach you more than you can ever imagine.

  • Documents required: This is your first step and when traveling, the objects you must care about the most. Your identification is required when in your country and take it for your travel in case you need to go to the embassy. But, passport is a global identification and this document is what you have to present in case you need to identified yourself. Also, if you have a driver’s license, take it with you. Some destinations are better visited while driving.
  • About money: First of all, do not ever never First of all, do not never ever take all your money with you. If you host in a hostel, they will provide you a locker for your most valuable belongings. On the other hand, if you make couch surfing, keep money in your bank account and take your card with you. It is better to exchange your money in your country in advance because may be if you do it at your destination, you may receive less money.
  • About security: Take a list with all local emergency phone numbers with you, no matter wherever you go. Also, have some family phone numbers with you in case other people required them. A medical insurance is always a good idea. They are easy to buy and you determine the amount and the period you will need it. Wherever you go, medical attention will be quite expensive if you don’t have an insurance. Do not talk with strangers no matter how quite or kind they are and keep information such as where you host at or who you travel with, as a private information.
  • About communication: Do you speak the spoken language you are traveling to? People say English is the universal language ant it will help you wherever you are but it is not true. Not all people speak English, especially in emergent countries such as in Latin America, Africa or some Asian countries. Hence, learn the basics: to greet, to ask for a favor, to ask for information like addresses or routes, to say good bye, among others. It is a good idea if you take a card or any object with your hostel or hotel logo. In case you get lost, you can be easy helped.
  • Basic things to carry with you: Take as less things as possible, and things you take, try to have the smallest presentation. For example, a small belt bag you can easily hide is a very good option for keeping your documents and your money. Also, take a universal phone or tablet holder. Other minor things that are essential are: one-liter bottle water, a cereal bar, a map with information about transportation, sun cream, toilet paper or handkerchief, an impermeable and something to clean your hands. At the endo of your trip, you should have with you a list of souvenirs and people you want to give them to.  It doesn’t feel good when you realize you forgot someone’s souvenir.
Image courtesy of fdecomite at

Image courtesy of fdecomite at

Do you like this tips? Do they seem easy for you? Have they encouraged you to make your travel-dream come true? If this article has helped you to solve doubts and be less afraid than you were before, the only missing thing for you is pack you bag, choose your destination and enjoy the most amazing experience of your live. There is just one warning left, as long as you come back home, you will plan your next trip. The world will be your home!

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