Easy Tips for Better Travel Photos

by Royal Holiday

Do you want to transform your vacation photos from average snapshots into beautiful memories that you’ll want to look at again and again? These easy tips can help you take your photos to the next visual level, whether you’re using a high-end camera or your smartphone:

Be sun smart.

It’s a simple rule of thumb, but it’s one that can make all the difference to your pictures: the subject of your photo will look best in the best light. This generally means taking your photo with your back to the sun so that the sunlight can highlight your subject. Sometimes, it’s easy to make this adjustment. For example, if you’re taking a picture of your friends on the beach, it takes little effort to position them so they are facing the sun. But other times, such as when you want to photograph something immobile, like a building, it may be necessary to wait for a particular time of day so that you can take the best possible picture.

Go off-center.

Many amateur photographers tend to default to taking symmetrical pictures, where the subject is centered in the picture. However, a photo can be much more visually interesting when its subject is somewhat off-center. An easy way to incorporate this into your photography is to think about dividing your frame up into equal thirds, and then adjusting your shot so that the main subject of your photo is fully within either the left or the right section.

Move before you shoot.

Don’t assume that the place where you happen to be standing is necessarily the place from which you can take the best photograph. Experiment by taking a few steps forward, back, or to the side, or try crouching down or standing on top of something. Even these little movements can make a big difference to how the photo is framed, and whether or not there is something interesting going on in the background. As the photographer, you have more control over your own position than that of your subject, so be sure to take advantage of your mobility.

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