An Overview of Cruise Ship Cabin Types

by Royal Holiday

If you’re planning a cruise, it can seem like there is an overwhelming range of options,

prices, and other considerations to sort through when choosing a cabin. But in terms of

actual cabin type, most cabins fall into one of just four categories, each with different

drawbacks and advantages:


Also called “inside” cabins, this category of cruise staterooms is exactly what

it sounds like: namely, windowless rooms located on the interior of the ship. While this

may not sound appealing at first, this type of cabin is typically the cheapest on the ship,

and is therefore often the best choice for travelers on a budget. Inside cabins can also be

a good option if you’re not intending to spend very much time in your room.

Cabina interior 2


This cabin category offers natural light and ocean views through a porthole or

other closed window; this means you’ll get to see, if not smell the fresh ocean air in your

room. The most important thing to be aware of in this category is that the size of the

window can vary considerably depending on where on the ship the cabin is located. In

addition, the view from some cabins can be obstructed by lifeboats or railings, although

this should always be identified on cruise booking websites.

Cabina Exterior


This type of cabin has a door opening out onto a private verandah, but as

with the outside view cabins, these balconies can range considerably in size. Some are

just big enough for one or two people to stand on, others have enough room for a small

table with two chairs. A balcony cabin is good option if you want to enjoy some privacy

without having to always be inside your room, but do consider how much use you think

you’ll make of the balcony, as this cabin category can be significantly more expensive.

Cabina balcón


Depending on the ship, suites can come in all sizes and shapes, but typically they

are larger and feature an extra room (or a more clear delineation between sleeping and

living areas) and a Jacuzzi or bathtub. Compared with other cabin categories, there are

not as many suites per ship, so they tend to sell out quickly. This category is expensive,

but it can offer very good value for the space and amenities you’ll enjoy.

suite 2

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