Planning your next vacation

by Royal Holiday

When planning a trip it’s always important to be able to prepare with enough time in advanced to consider all the options. Here are some useful tips when starting to plan.

Decide where to go

First things first, what kind of vacation are you in the mood for? Depending on if you want an all-inclusive luxury hotel or prefer an adventure while staying at hostels meeting new people. Independent of what you want there is always variety, so take your time and go through your options carefully to make sure you get exactly what you want. So, initially you can either choose a city, country or if you’re just in the mood for certain weather you start exploring. It’s always a good idea to look on websites where you can read other travelers experience, reviews on hotels, and suggested touristic activities. Once you’ve made up your mind, choose at least 3 final options for your stay and finally compare!

Always compare costs

Nowadays, you can find many alternative website with deals and discounts, so it’s important to check a few sources as to rates and reviews just to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal. Always double-check the rates directly with the airlines or hotels, they sometimes save some offers for their sites only. When comparing costs don’t just look at flights and hotels, depending on how long you plan on staying, remember to explore the neighborhood, average daily expenses (grocery shopping, restaurants, pharmacy, etc.) and commuting to the places you need or want to travel to. Don’t overlook the small expenses, because they all add up, especially if you’re planning a long stay.

Start saving money

Plan ahead and make a financial plan to assure that by the time the trip comes along you have everything you need. Set aside a fixed amount to make sure your target can be and is reached by the travel date. The secret is to make a plan an stick to it.

Check for last-minute sales

Most times we will go for a “great”, not knowing that by holding off a little bit longer there would have been a better one. Sometimes those last-minute steals are the ones you were waiting for. So, just before buying the ticket or booking the hotel, check one more time to see if there are any sales that top your current choice.

Book hotel and flight with enough time

Sometimes part of those big sales goes in booking way in advanced. Make sure, especially during high season, you always make sure you at least have one option set aside. It’s important that if you do this and not completely sure, to verify the cancellation policies, to make sure you can get out of It just in case.

Plan your activities

Once you’ve decided where to go, and when you’re going, it’s important to at least explore the city guides online and decide the activities that you’d like to do while you’re there. Some people prefer to wing it, which is fine as well, although I think that even

For cruises book with an agent

Image courtesy of Don McCulloughs on

Image courtesy of Don McCulloughs on

For hotels and flights we have in today’s world become very independent from our travel agent when booking or buying. Despite this, we should still go to an experienced travel agent to book a cruise, so they can support us not only when selecting the best option, but also during the cruise.  These agents most likely know the cruise fairly well, along with the employees, routes and accommodations, which will definitely be more beneficial than talking to someone over the phone you don’t trying to solve an inconvenience in your reservation.

Discover traveling on the track

Ever consider taking the scenic route? Well, it doesn’t get more scenic than the trip on train with the rails guiding the way through wonderful. So on this vacation try something different and book your reservation on a train and make the journey just as important as the destination.

Renting a car

Depending on where you’re going and for how long you plan on staying renting a car is definitely something to consider. Car rental prices have increased in the past years and they just seem to keep going up. Despite this, if well-planned I don’t think there is much inconvenience..

Smartphones are a must

Before we used to always see tourists with a big map in their hands, making their way a new town. Today’s world is equipped with enough technology to be able to make our everyday lives a whole lot easier. When travelling smart phones have definitely become an indispensable tool when getting around town, contacting friends and family and entertaining yourself  in long commutes.

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