Great Apps for Long Flights

by Royal Holiday

On many long-haul flights, airlines provide a host of in-flight entertainment options. But if you’ve already seen all the movies, or they simply don’t match your tastes, you may end up needing to entertain yourself for hours on end. If you have a smartphone or tablet, great apps can help to pass the time faster. Try the ones below to make sure you’re never stuck without anything to do on a long flight.

Offline Reader. Several apps allow you to download content before your flight and then read it once you’re in the air, and Offline Reader is one of them. You can preload Internet articles about your destination, news that you hope to catch up on, or anything else you fancy, then enjoy it midair with your smartphone or tablet in airplane mode.

TED Talks. The organization TED produces short video and audio presentations in which people present great ideas. It also has an app available on both the Android and Apple platforms, so you can download talks before your flight and use your time in the air to expand your mind.

Temple Run 2. If you’re more of a gamer than an information hog, you won’t do much better than Temple Run 2. Despite having simple gameplay, this game in which your character runs through an endless series of obstacles can be a ton of fun. It’s also free through Google Play and iTunes. Also available for Android.

Angry Birds. If you’ve never tried the cultural phenomenon that is Angry Birds, a long plane ride can be a great chance to do so. In Angry Birds, you sling birds at pigs, with the goal of popping them. The game’s addicting gameplay and comic style have been a hit with millions of people. Also available for Android.

National Geographic World Atlas. If you want to learn a little more about your destination before you arrive, the National Geographic World Atlas app is a great way to do so, offering accurate maps in high resolution for your browsing enjoyment.

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