Pitfalls to Avoid on Your First Cruise

by Royal Holiday

Your first cruise can be a bit disorienting. There is so much happening on the ship that parsing it all can be difficult, and not everything that seems like a good idea really is. Avoid the following mistakes that inexperienced cruisers sometimes make in order to ensure that your first time on one of the ocean’s floating hotels is a great one.

– Don’t be overly ambitious. Cruise ships are so large that making a plan to check everything out on the first day and then return to your favorite spots later can backfire. Go slow and focus on enjoying what’s around you, and don’t wear yourself out too soon.

– Don’t use the elevators if it’s not necessary. Over the course of a cruise, you can waste a lot of time standing around waiting for the elevators to arrive in order to get to the floor you want. On top of that, some cruise guests can’t take the stairs, and you don’t want to bump them from the elevators. So if you’re able-bodied, save time and get a bit of exercise to counteract all the buffet food by using the stairways to get around the ship.

– Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone. If your phone works overseas, chances are your service provider levies big charges for using it abroad. Leaving your phone on might mean you will find a big bill for text messages and Internet usage when you get home, even if you never make a call.

– Don’t overuse your cabin. A major part of enjoying a cruise is getting out and joining the activities onboard the ship. While getting away for a short nap can help keep you relaxed and energized, if you spend too much time in your cabin, you’ll miss out on the fun.

– Don’t remove ship towels from your room. If you fail to return a towel to your room, you’ll end up being charged much more than the actual value of the towel for doing so. Bring your own towels for shore excursions to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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