How to Have a Great Surf Trip

by Royal Holiday

Dedicated surfers often find themselves jetting all over the world in the search of the perfect wave. If you’re new to surf trips, planning your big vacation to the beaches of a far-off country can present a lot of unfamiliar territory. Keep the following tips in mind to make sure your surf vacation turns out to be a dream come true.

– Pack light. Going easy on the luggage allowance confers a lot of benefits, like a quicker and more painless check-in process for your flight and easier transit once you get to your destination. If you’re traveling to the tropics, wear your warm clothes for the flight to save space in your bag. Pack a few options for swimming, a few changes of clothing, and one nice option for nights out, as well as something light to sleep in. And remember, you can usually pick up what you need at your destination.

– Think twice about bringing your board. On the one hand, having your favorite board, or boards, with you can make the trip that much better. On the other hand, carting around a board can be difficult. They can be a hassle to check on a flight, and finding a rental car with space for one isn’t always possible. If having your board isn’t essential to your experience, you might be better off nabbing one after you arrive.

– If you’re planning a family trip, keep an eye out for beaches that offer lots of options. Many great surf beaches also have activities for non-surfers. Eco-tourism, horseback riding, sea kayaking, and more can keep your loved ones happy while you ride the waves.

– Use frequent flyer programs. If you plan to make multiple surf trips, frequent flyer programs really come in handy. Once you master them, you can use offers and gifted points from others to maximize your travel and minimize your costs.

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