Work-Life Balance the Royal Holiday Way

by Royal Holiday
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Everybody’s got a job to do…

Work-Life Balance is Do-able, Important,

and it’s Something You Do for Your Life, not Just For Your Job.

And it’s not Spring Break.


Royal Holiday members come from every walk of life.

Very few of them are independently wealthy. Very few of them travel with us more than five or six weeks each year. Most of them travel with us three weeks or less.

Those seven day – and ten day stretches – they’re what it’s all about though.

A lot gets written about the importance of vacation time. For your health, for your mental well-being and even for success on the job, stepping back from it all – a couple of times each year – is vital.

Doing it regularly, during your work week, and every day is important too.

But of course, we’re talking here about the BIG step back.


Plan Ahead.

For Vacation. For Living.

It’s one message that we never get tired of repeating, but also one that doesn’t always get through.

Right now we are very busy booking high season, winter vacations for Royal Holiday members planning trips to Cancun, the Caribbean and South America.

The majority of these are trips are to resort and beach locations. It will be summer in South America and some of the best locations are on the coasts, in the highlands and off the beaten path.

We also have European members, lots of them, who are traveling in huge numbers to the Caribbean, but who also stick closer to home in the Mediterranean. The same rules hold true for all of them.

In general, you need to be planning three to four or five months in advance. Book, invite some friends or your kids – and go.

So what are you up against?

Insurance payments

Private school costs

Medical expenses

Tax payments

Home refinancing

Royal Holiday is perfectly well aware that lots of expenses and costs make up most of the working year.

Quite likely, life gets even worse than the above.

But here’s the thing…

Very often we speak to members who believed – early on – that Royal Holiday was a club about where ever you want, when ever you want.

A lot of new members think that when they sign up they’ll always be able to go on a whim, like we’re a spring break that never ends.

We’re not that kind of club.

Royal Holiday members visit dozens of suites, condos, even townhouses, but they’re not for the off-the-cuff, drunk weekend. We don’t host Spring Breakers in any of the hotels we send members too.

The truth is, Spring Break has always represented exactly the opposite of a Work-Life Balance.

Often dangerous, expensive, destructive and hardly fulfilling, it’s just something that people in the industry have come to bear, if not to outright ignore.

But, the important point is not that, while you might share a beach with Spring Breakers, it’s also time realize that your perceptions may have been influenced by those earlier experiences.

Work-Life Balance – and your Royal Holiday – is about permanently adopting only the very best part of that earlier experience.

We’ll say it again.

Royal Holiday is not that kind of club.

Want to send your kids for Spring Break? Of course, it’s possible – just don’t tell us that’s why they’re traveling. And ask them to keep it cool, please.


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