20 Things to Do on Your Cozumel Vacation

by Royal Holiday

20 Ways to have more Fun than you thought possible on your next Cozumel vacation

We’ve written in the past about what a spectacular location Cozumel is for snorkeling and diving. It’s perfect for beginners, and impressive enough even for world-class and professional divers.

Things to do in CozumelAnd we’ve written in the past about things to do on the resort, at the resort, around the resort, in your room, downstairs, by the beach and around the parking lot. (well, not the parking lot).

But let’s branch out a little bit. The Park Royal Cozumel is our second most popular vacation destination (after only those in Cancun) for lots of good reasons. These are just some of the reasons.

The World of Cozumel

Let’s cover the Park Royal Cozumel in a few beginner points, just in case you’ve never been, or your just booking now.

1) On the beach you’ve got a couple of infinity pools, swim-up bars, solarium, sand volley ball and more.

2) There’s a big central resort pool, with a fun-shack island and refreshments stand.

3) A fitness center and spa are both wide open, in part, because there is so much more going on.

Cozumel Vacation Planner4) Next door, just beyond the beach volleyball court is AquaWorld, with discounts for Royal Holiday Travelers on…

  1. Fishing Charters
  2. Boating & Equipment Rentals
  3. “Sub See” the glass bottom boat. (See right – and yes, it’s fun – and the water really is that brilliant!)
  4. Tours of Cozumel Island
  5. Cancun, Playa del Carmen & Jungle Tours
  6. Snorkeling Equipment and Lessons
  7. Diving Equipment and Lessons
  8. Dolphin Petting & Education
  9. Dinner Cruises from San Miguel
  10. Charter Cruises from Almost Anywhere, and anytime you want to go.

AquaWorld Staff is always on-hand and they’ll be happy to give you more information on all of the above.

5) If you’re really into dolphins (or your kids are at “that age,”) check out the full range of experiences available at Dolphin Discovery, including Sea Lions, Manatees and more. It’s just down the street from the resort and it’s right in the middle of…

6) Chankanaab Park!

With plenty more than dolphins, there’s more than a beach too. There are walking trails, beach huts and wildlife tours and all of this is in the middle of…

7) Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park

With literally some of the most famous and accessible snorkeling and diving sites anywhere in the world.  But wait, you’ll have to see the other post for more on snorkeling and diving.

8) Rent a car – or a jeep or a dune buggy. We don’t recommend a scooter or motorcycle for anyone except experienced riders, but it may be an option too.

9) Visit the lighthouse. Punta Sur and the Faro Celerain makes a perfect day trip, and it’s so close and so easy.

10) You’ll find yourselves – talking, exploring, sharing – like never before. It’s always the perfect time of year, too. A light house has a way of bringing out the very best in everyone.

11) The Faro Celerain Eco Park all the way to the south of the island makes a fantastic day trip and a magnificent drive.

12) The Palancar Beach was along the way, too. One of the most famous on the island, there’s no reason not to stop on your way to the light house or on your way back.

13) Take in the East Side of the Island. It’s not all accessible (much of it is a natural preserve), swimming is strongly discouraged, and development is minimal, but the Coconuts bar has beer, and tables and all the time you could want and Mezcalito’s shrimp is world famous.

14) Need some culture? Take in San Gervaiso, once the hub of worship of the Mayan moon goddess Ix Chel, today it’s a fascinating trip into Cozumel’s storied and distant past.

15) If that gets you going, then El Cedral will too. It’s a little less conspicuous, and none of these sites are quite as spectacular as the archaelogical sites on the mainland (Chetumal and Coba for example), but they are sure to make any trip to Cozumel truly exceptional.

That’s a lot of moving around, but maybe the trouble of renting a car is too much anyway. Let’s stick a little closer…

16) Tour the center of the charming little town of San Miguel on foot. The town center is a few dollars away in a taxi and there is plenty to see and do. Organized tours are available for Cruise passengers and Resort guests too.

17) And the Museo de la Isla is a fascinating trip into the island’s fascinating environment – and cultural history. Starting way back with the Mayan People who have lived here since time immemorial, it’s an illustrated journey through the traditions, cultures and lifestyles of people who have fallen in love with the island ever since.

royal village shopping center

18) How about a simple fast 11AM to 2PM Mexican cooking class? Including a trip to the local market, you really can’t eat any better, and like any good cooking class it’s a lesson in culture and history too!

19) Of course, San Miguel has shopping; artisan gifts, textiles and fantastic things that will travel back with you.


20) Royal Village Shopping Center !

All the way back at the Park Royal Cozumel, there’s something else brewing up. The new Royal Village Cozumel Shopping Center is accessible just out the side entrance to the resort, near the Amphitheater. There are ongoing incentives for guests (check at the front desk) as well as nightly entertainment, and 36 shops, restaurants, boutiques and curio shops (at this counting).

Did we miss something you remember from your last trip? Or is there something you’re really looking for?

Either way, just let us know in the comments section below.

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