The Best 15 Quick Money Saving Tips For Travelers

by Royal Holiday

It has been a few weeks since our last article about budgeting on vacation, here in Royal Holiday Travel, so today we bring you a list of short and quick tips to help you save big on your next holiday.

Sometimes when it comes to saving, is not about the big portions of money you can avoid spending by making the right choices; sometimes the biggest differences can be made at a smaller scale by saving a few dollars here and there, that will ultimately add up to considerable savings by just keeping in mind a few things.

Stay away from restaurants for tourists

Even the place has a “We Speak English” sign then you can be sure they will be more expensive because they cater to tourists. Just take a look at places that get busy with locals during lunch hours, which usually means they have good food and low prices.

Travel off-season

Depending on where you are going, you can find great travel destinations off-season during the whole-year. It is amazing how much you can save by arriving just a few weeks early or leaving just a few weeks late. The off-season just means that you will find less people, less crowds, and obviously lower prices.

Do your research

Find out as much as you can about the culture, language, currency, local food, and traditions of the places you are visiting, before you get there. Researching allows you to make smart decisions beforehand, something that will save you a lot of money when you hit the ground.

Go with the local specialties

Take advantage of the specialties each country has to offer and enjoy them. There is no point of eating in McDonalds when you are in South America and then miss out on all the great local food you can enjoy down there. Find out what makes each destination famous and give it a try.

Take the bus

Buses are usually cheaper no matter if they are local or trips between cities. You can save even more by taking your trips during the night and at the same time you can use the time to sleep and save on a hotel room for that particular day. Buses are even cheaper than the train or metro in most cities.

Learn to haggle

The art of bargaining is something that we will probably examine a little deeper in a future article and that you should consider a survival skill for travelers. This may be strange in the United States, but in some country is just part of everyday business. The initial price or the prices posted on the items are usually all up for negotiation, with the exception of foods.

Always take advantage of hotel deals

Hotel deals could be the best indicators on when to take a trip. We recommend you take a look at deals beforehand and plan your vacation dates around those deals. For a look at the best deals around, visit our Royal Holiday deals web page.

Consider connecting flights

While some people may hate layovers, connecting flights can save you a lot of money all at once. Sometimes your layover can even allow you to see a new city between flights and that is a great added bonus, just by waiting a little longer to get to your final destination.


Image courtesy of zoetnet at

Image courtesy of zoetnet at

Avoid hotel breakfast

In some cases, hotel breakfast is not included but charged under a different fee. If that is the case, just avoid it altogether and go out find your own breakfast. The food at hotels is usually not that great and you can find better local deals almost anywhere else.

Eat a big lunch

Lunch specials are usually the same meals you can find for dinner but at a fraction of the price. Make it a habit to eat your big daily meal at lunch and that way save money by having something smaller for dinner when the food is a lot more expensive. Take advantage of the daily specials.

Shop around and look for deals

Don’t buy things at the first place they are offered to you. Shop around and look for the best prices; in some cases, they will even match the lowest price, so just look around a bit before you pay.

Visit the grocery store

You can always save by making your own food, so take advantage of the local products and cook a little. You can save some money and at the same time eat a lot healthier. A picnic is also a great option to save money and have some fun.

Talk to the locals

Make friends and ask for advice. The locals know where to get the best food, how to get somewhere quickly and where to go shopping. Make friends, get all the information or better yet, bring them along to help you get a better deal.

Eat with the season

Not only do you get the best quality of food, but also at the best prices when you eat whatever they have in season.

Use the apps

Take advantage of apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor to see what others say about a specific place. This is another way to make sure you get the best products and services in places that are warm and welcoming with tourists.

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