The Best 10 Tips For Traveling Light

by Royal Holiday

Everyone wants to pack light. Some call it an art and some think is simply impossible to take everything they need for a weekend trip in just one carry-on. You have to be practical when you travel and be conscious about your real needs versus your whims and your anxious feeling over needing something and not having it there. Here at Royal Holiday Travel we bring you the best tips and tricks to make the most our of your traveling experiences and today we want to give you some insider tips about significantly reducing the size of your luggage without having to compromise your peace of mind.

Here we give you 10 greats to change the way you travel, by going light.

Make a list

Making a list is a great way to plan your packing and truly think about the things you need and the things that aren’t really necessary. What is good about a list is that you can actually look at things you want to take and make an honest judgment whether or not this trip is a trip you can pack light for, or if you need a bigger bag no matter what. The list also helps you avoid forgetting anything and prioritizing your packing.

Stick to the limits of a carry-on

Carry-ons are great bags because they come in a size that is internationally accepted by airlines, they aren’t that big and they are easy to carry and transport with you. Fitting everything you need in a carry-on is not impossible and learning to travel with just one of those bags is a great exercise to learn to slim down your luggage needs.

Pack ahead

One of the best ways to avoid over-packing is to pack in advance, at least one of two days prior is enough to help you get in the right mindset and to plan for replacing items you don’t need, to make sure you don’t forget those that will help you minimize space and to make any last minute changes after you have consciously decided that something you thought you may need, you can actually do without.

Use all available space and be dense

Make sure you utilize all the dead space inside your bag, that means the inside of shoes and every single corner that may go unfilled. Sometimes people over pack simply because they don’t know how to properly fill their luggage to capacity. Obviously, you must be careful not to damage your valuables by packing too tightly, but just keep in mind that some items like socks and toiletries can fill the small spaces left here and there.


Image courtesy of Do8y at

Image courtesy of Do8y at

Roll instead of fold

Rolling your clothes can help you keep them wrinkle-free easier and it also compacts the fabric to use up less space. You can measure the length of the rolls and make them all the same size you can make several rows that fit the width of your bag. Rolling is a practice used by military personnel and ensures they can pack up to 30 days of clothing into a bag no larger than a carry-on.

Use Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are a great way to compress your clothing by squeezing all the air out of the bag and using up even less space. If you pair Ziplocks along with rolling your clothing, you can save even more space inside your bag by compacting your contents. Ziplocks are also great for storing toiletries that may leak and thus avoiding stains and spillages over your clothes.

Learn to layer

Layering clothing is a great way to help avoid having to pack large jackets or coats whenever possible. Layering is also useful if you want to minimize the number your outfits you are bringing along and instead being able to wear things like sweaters and light jackets a couple of times for a different look.

Weigh your luggage

Always be aware of the weight of your luggage to avoid paying any extra fees and to know how much room you have to buy gifts and souvenirs from your trip. A small portable travel scale is a great tool to have and always carry handy.

Remember you can wash things too

Try to use the laundry service at the hotels, the washing machines or in an emergency good old soap and the sink. This can help you avoid over-packing by identifying a few articles of clothing you can wear more than once and simply wash and dry to use it again.

Wear the heavy and pack the light

If you must take a jacket or boots, make sure you travel with these heavy items on to avoid carrying the weight in your luggage. You are not penalized for how much you are wearing but only by how much you carry. This is a great trick to use if you want to fill your jacket pockets with other small items and thus avoid placing them inside your luggage.

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