9 Of The Cheapest Countries In The World To Visit

by Royal Holiday

Traveling is for some people, the ultimate thrill. Being able to wake up in a different country, to hear foreign sounds coming in through the windows and to eat dishes you couldn’t have imagined before, is one of the most enriching experiences a person can live through. However, traveling isn’t always cheap and sometimes that fear of breaking the bank stops us from getting out there and seeing the world.

If you educate yourself and do your research, you will realize that your dream vacation may be closer than you think, and here at Royal Holiday Travel, we love giving you the best advice to make the most out of your next vacation. We have talked about tips to save for your next trip and how to make your money go a long way while on holiday, so today we will take a look at the cheapest and most amazing locations in the world to visit. Trust us, you will have the time of your life, all you have to do is get out there and see it all!


Thailand may surprise some for being considered a cheap destination due to its popularity and the existence of so many high-class resorts and luxurious locales. While there may be some expensive places to be found, specially in the southern beaches, you will be surprised if you turned inland and visit the regions in the north. Thailand is used to receiving a great influx of tourists and backpackers and has options for everyone, offering great choices for lodging and food that will help you maintain your budget under control.


Another surprise to some who believe cheap destinations can only be found in southern Asia and South America. Greece is a great destination for those who want to see some of the most beautiful places in the world without breaking the bank. Food can be found for cheap and rooms are not that expensive either. Greece is a great destination to see the old world and visit some of the best islands in the planet.


Nepal is known as one of the best places in the world to engage in affordable and exciting mountain trekking. Nepal has eight out of the world’s top ten tallest mountains, so the choice is quite obvious for those who enjoy the outdoors, climbing and camping. Teahouses, lodges and places to rest are also common and quite a treat for those who wish to experience something different and out of the ordinary.


India continues to be one of the preferred destinations for budget travelers. While flights to India can be quite expensive, other aspects of the trip can make up for it as lodging is really cheap and food is plentiful and also inexpensive. That is great if you consider the fact that the less you spend on the necessities, the more places you will be able to see while staying within your budget, and trust us, India has plenty to be seen.


Another great location in Europe, Portugal has a little bit of everything: wine, beaches, historic cities and great shopping for everyone. It has been reported that Lisbon is actually one of the cheapest cities in which to find a five-stars hotel; that paired together with the fact that the local food is so delicious and affordable makes Portugal one of the best destinations in Europe for budget traveling.

Image courtesy of mariusz kluzniak at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of mariusz kluzniak at Flickr.com


Vietnam is no stranger to those who know the world of affordable travel without skipping on the things that make a country great. Wonderful food, great sights and friendly locals make this one of the best places in the world to visit if you want to keep your spending to a minimum and still get to experience a lot. The beaches may not be the greatest, but the country is known for many other things that make it an excellent choice.


Bolivia is without a doubt, the cheapest major destination in South America for budget traveling. Did you know La Paz is the world’s highest capital? But don’t worry, that doesn’t make it expensive at all. Bolivia is a place for adventurers and people who are ready to rough it up a bit since the country is still highly underdeveloped for luxury traveling. Bolivia does offer some of South America’s most beautiful mountain sights and it is a place you’ll be glad to visit.


Small countries in Central America are great choices for budget traveling. Accommodations are nice and inexpensive and the food is great. Street vendors and sit down restaurants offer a variety of culinary choices that will for sure satisfy your palate with some of the greatest traditional flavors of the region. Fishing is a favorite activity and Nicaragua as well as visiting some of the best preserved colonial architecture of the region.


Ancient castles, white sand beaches, mountain trekking and more waits at this great European budget destination. As the country doesn’t have as many direct flight connections, it may be cheaper to fly to nearby Corfu in Greece or to Dubrovnik in Croatia.


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