12 Of The Best Travel Apps You Should Be Using Today

by Royal Holiday

Going out and seeing the world is becoming more and more accessible nowadays to everyone who gets bitten by the travel bug. Here at Royal Holiday Travel, we like bringing you all the best information to be ready for your next trip; anything from the best locations to see on a budget to tips on how to bring your furry friends along.

In this day and age, the technology available at our fingertips in the form of handheld devices is amazing compared to what we had just a few years back, so it comes as no surprise that we use our phones as tools that enhance almost every aspect of our lives; from the way we eat (recipes and diet apps) to the way we talk to people and stay connected (Facebook, Whatsapp, etc).

Traveling is no exception, so today we bring you some of the most useful apps you can download to help you stay organized, in track and to enjoy your travels to the fullest. This is by all means not a comprehensive list, but we have included a little bit of everything to get you started.

XE Currency

XE Currency is the most downloaded foreign exchange app and with a reason. While it has many business features like rates for precious metals and historic currency charts, it is great for travelers to get the latest currency exchange values on the go. The app even stores the last updated rates so even when you don’t have a connection, you can still use it offline.


With over 70 million users, Duolingo is probably the world’s most popular language learning platform today. The app has a fun way to track your learning process letting you earn points for correct answers and complete activity. Duolingo is perfect to get prepared with at least the basics of the native language before you visit that exotic location. Duolingo doesn’t replace a good language course well prepared in advance, but is a great way to learn on the go.


Citymapper is a great way to understand a city and have all the information of how it works right at your fingertips. The app uses information from all different means of transportation available including Uber and bike routes in order to keep you aware of how to get to places quickly and using the fastest routes. The app is not only great for travelers who want to plan their trip ahead but also for daily commuters who want to have the latest information on routes and traffic.

Image courtesy of fdecomite at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of fdecomite at Flickr.com



Tripit works like you own personal travel agency pulling together all your trip information from emails and online reservations keeping them all in one place within your immediate reach. This is also a great way to share your itinerary with those traveling with you or your loved ones back home if you want to keep them informed.


Like many of those apps out there that help you split bills when you go out for dinner and such, Splittr uses the same concept to bring you a solution for splitting expenses when you travel as a group. The app keeps tabs of different currencies used in case your trip is across different countries and it only needs you to add information as you go about who paid for what, or how much does each one owe to the common fund.

Google Translate

Everyone knows and has used Google Translate at some point. Its translation features are ok, but nothing to write home about really as there are other apps more useful for quick on the move translation. However, one of the coolest features that offers, is the ability to translate street signs and posters by simply holding your camera up to it.


This app tracks and records all of your trip information including distances traveled and altitude mapping your route and allowing you to add pictures, videos and other media in different locations you visit. The app can be used offline as well allowing you to have all of its features available even when you don’t have a connection. App integration allows you to share through Twitter, Facebook and other social media apps.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

A simple app to help you manage your time in the sun safely. You can enter your skin type and the app uses your location and time of the day to tell you how much sun exposure you may receive before it becomes hazardous to your health.

Time Out

Time Out is a great way to have access to all the information of your current city that includes restaurants, bars, venues and even local events happening at the time of your visit. The app is a great way to get all local information depending on your likes and it even lets you book reservations and buy tickets right from the app itself.

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