8 Awesome Packing Tips You Need To Know For Your Next Vacation

by Royal Holiday

Is packing luggage an art or a science? Why is it that some people must do it weeks in advance while others can just throw some things together as they wait for the cab to take them to the airport?

Being efficient while packing and getting the most out of your bag’s capacity without forgetting any of the essentials is something that takes practice and technique. Not all trips are the same, and not all pacing conditions are equal, as you wouldn’t pack the same things you’ll take on a business trip for a family vacation for example. Here at Royal Holiday, we want to help out giving you some of the best tips for packing and preparing for your next vacation.

1  . Choosing the right luggage is the cornerstone of a successful packing challenge. 

First of all, think about weight, a light suitcase is one of the best purchases you can make. The less your luggage weighs, the more you can pack and still stay under the weight limits imposed by airlines.

The size of your suitcase is also quite important. Always try to use bags that stay within the limits of what is considered “carry on”. This will not only help you avoid “over packing” but will also allow you speed up your time at the ticket counter when checking in and skipping the queue waiting at baggage claim.

2. Invest in a travel luggage scale.

This item is a must-have for travelers in order to avoid paying those pesky fees at the check-in counter. The scale will allow you plan accordingly when you pack for your trip and make sure you leave room for souvenirs or anything you decide to bring back from your vacation.

3. Compress your clothing as you pack.

The best way to accomplish this is by rolling your garments and packing them inside Ziploc or vacuum compression bags. Not only are you able to take advantage of the space inside your suitcase, but you also protect your clothing from possible spillage from liquid hygiene products you may be carrying and on top of that, your clothes will not need any ironing when you arrive, as they won’t wrinkle as much. The Ziploc bags are also great for keeping charger cables and small gadgets protected and neatly packed away.

4. Make good use of empty space.

Shoes can fit rolled up socks and other small items inside without take up too much space.

5. Charge your electronics the night before.

In the event of a lay over or a long wait at the airport or the port you can use your devices without having to worry about finding an electrical outlet where to plug in. Also make sure you have the correct adaptors to plug depending of where are you traveling. Bring a double plug as well so you can make better use of the adapters.

6. Think travel size.

Buy pocket versions of your hygiene products or tiny bottles where to squeeze small amounts from the bottles you keep at home. Avoid taking those big bottles with you to save space, or do it only if the bottles are almost empty and simply leave them behind. Your toiletries can be protected from spillage using cling wrap or small pieces of plastic on the mouth of the bottle before screwing the cap on.

Image courtesy of Becky Stern at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Becky Stern at Flickr.com

7. Hide your valuables in plain sight.

The best thing you can do is leave behind things like jewelry and expensive watches; you will not need them with you on your trip and this way you can avoid losing them. Think about perhaps getting an inexpensive travel watch to keep time, nothing too fancy. If you absolutely have to take valuables with you, and to hide your cash, you can use a repurposed empty lotion bottle to keep things inside. Check out these excellent ideas to hide your things.

8. Keep things within your reach.

Keep everything you need inside an individual document holder or a small pouch that you can remove easily from your luggage. Things like passports, tickets, headphones, lipsticks, hand wipes, a pen, medicine, a notepad and ID’s are much safer there than in your pockets. This tip is specially helpful to get past security easily as you do not have to empty your pockets for loose change or keys every time you get to a metal detector. Make sure the clothes you wear are comfortable and your shoes are easy to remove and put back on quickly. Make sure to keep your book or e-reader also within reach. Use electronic means if possible to keep your maps, travel guides and any other literature you may need in order to save space.

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