Tips For Backpacking On A Budget And Making The Most Of It

by Royal Holiday

It is common today for people to list traveling as one of their main hobbies. Experiencing new cultures and different perspectives on life while watching new landscapes in every new destination have a way to making monotony a thing of the past. People who dedicate themselves to traveling, are always looking for new places to see and new delights to experience in foreign lands, sometimes dedicating entire years to traveling the world. Backpacking is a great way to do this. Backpackers are those people who like to explore the world on a budget and without any rush to reach their destination. Sometimes they simply wander from place to place until they settle for a short while only to hit the road once again at a moment’s notice. Those who prefer backpacking are usually associated with professions like photography, writing, artisans and musicians, but nowadays is common to find travelers from all different walks of life who opt for this method of light traveling and carefree attitude. We have posted many traveling tips in the blog, but on this occasion, we’d like to focus on tips for backpackers to make the most out of their travels.

Finding affordable lodging online

Travelers normally carry their own tent everywhere they go, however there are places where camping is out of the question. This could be due to the weather, camping restrictions in certain areas or simple because it would be inconvenient like in the case of a big city. It is important in these cases; to find a proper place to spend the night and get much needed rest. There are options like hostels for example, where you may feel right at home and have an opportunity to meet other fellow travelers, find information about possible destinations and in most cases you may cook your own food if you prefer.

Plan your traveling ahead:

Know which days you will arrive and hold long you are planning on staying at that particular destination so you can search online for the best possible deals on hotel rooms right at the Royal Holiday website. Keep in mind that not planning ahead may have you deal with sold out hotels, especially during holidays or local festivities, so always understand that proper planning is fundamental.

Take advantage of the off-season:

Looking for hotels and hostels during the off-season makes it possible to book rooms in advance at the lowest possible prices. Is also worth considering that some hostels have lower rates for backpackers so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Check out websites and online groups for backpackers:

Many travelers go online to rate their stays using websites and social networks to post a great deal of relevant information that you cannot afford not to have. Backpacker groups can recommend the safest, cleanest and nicest hostels and hotels to stay based on their personal experiences. There are other websites like Tripadvisor with ratings and comments that allow you to further judge the reputation of the businesses before you book your stay.

Image courtesy of Matthias Ripp at

Image courtesy of Matthias Ripp at

Meeting other travelers can help you find groups to travel with and great friendships.

When planning a trip is important to set a strategy for taking on the road and getting familiar with the places you are going to visit and the best ways to get there. Another aspect to keep in mind is making the trip with others as company. Traveling with others has many advantages and it makes it easier to pass the time traveling, it ensures more safety in numbers and its way for fun when you are with friends and loved ones.

Travel with those who share your interests:

Friends and acquaintances who love traveling and share your same likes are great travel companions. Facebook groups are also a great place to find travel companions who are interested in visiting the same places as you and engaging in the same type of activities.

Create a travel profile:

This is a great strategy to find traveling pals and meeting friends who share your same goals. Create a nice introduction and talk about your travel expectations, your country of origin, travel destinations, languages you speak and any skills you think may come in handy. Talk about activities you would like to do, places you want to visit like beaches, temples, forests and cities. Make sure the webpages where you post your information are safe and constantly updated so you can make the most of them. Remember to keep your safety in mind and always let your family know where you are and keep those whom you leave behind informed of your whereabouts whenever possible. In this day in age, is very easy to keep in touch and communicate anywhere in the world.

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