7 Awesome Tips To Stay Fit While You See The World

by Royal Holiday

Traveling and going on holidays are times we expect eagerly and hope to take advantage of, in order to leave the routine behind and break the monotony out of our daily schedule.

We all know that exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, is one of the most important things we do in our everyday life to help us deal with the stress of work and the demands of a grueling corporate environment in such a fast-paced society.

That being said, is important to keep in mind that breaking out of the everyday work routine doesn’t mean leaving aside the routines that are actually beneficial to us. Eating exotic foods and relaxing while sipping on sugary drinks may be exactly what we think we need, but it doesn’t mean is the best for ourselves.

People sometimes report that they need “a vacation” after their vacation, and this usually happens because the shock of unhealthy habits is so great that their body feel exhausted after all this “relaxation”.

Here we have some of the best tips you should follow, in order to enjoy your time vacationing while at the same time keeping healthy and minimizing unhealthy habits.

1 . Always carry a reusable water bottle

Having your own water bottle will assure you to remember to keep hydrated… with water! Yes, yes, yes, you are on vacation and this may be the time to let loose a little bit and enjoy that margarita bar, however, hydration is very important and not only to keep your figure, but to stay healthy overall. Most destinations are sunny and hot, which means you will lose fluids a lot faster than what you are used to. Make it a point to fill your water bottle as you leave your room in the morning and carry it with you wherever you go. Even if you over do it a little bit with the cocktails, being hydrated will make sure you are not hangover in the morning. You don’t want to waste anytime recovering from a night of drinking while you are on vacation and have many more things to be enjoying on your precious time off.

2. Bring an exercise routine with you

Check out fitness blogs and exercise websites for workouts especially designed to do while on vacation. Some of these routines actually use common furniture you expect to have in hotel rooms, so you don’t even need a gym. Make your routine short and sweet so it doesn’t become a drag to you and you can do it as part of getting ready in the morning; no different than brushing your teeth. Here is a good idea for a traveling workout.

3. Pack your favorite healthy snacks

Bringing your own snacks with you with you will ensure you don’t have to settle for the ones you find at the hotel or during your trip. Remember that just because they say fat free or zero sugar it doesn’t mean they are best for your body. Different countries have different regulations for what’s in their prepackaged food, so stick to what you know. Snacks are small portions of food you carry with you in case you have to wait long between meals or can’t find anything you like to eat. Best-case scenario you won’t even have to snack much.

Image courtesy of souljourney74 at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of souljourney74 at Flickr.com

4. Explore the area on foot as much as possible.

Walk as much as you can. You will see a different side of a location when you travel on foot. Make sure you know where you are going and have a map with you whenever possible. Avoid elevators if you want to take advantage of physical activity as much as possible.

5. Rest and Sleep

You know better than anyone else how much sleep your body needs. Make sure you keep a good sleep cycle when you travel, your body will thank you when you get back and you will enjoy everything a lot more while you are on holiday.

6. Compromise when necessary

In case there is no healthy food available or you aren’t able to do a full workout every time, make sure you compromise. Find the healthiest option, or eat what you can. Make sure you aren’t starving yourself or feeling back because you were only able to do a 5-minute workout. Every bit counts.

7. Bring your workout clothes.

Bringing your sneakers and workout outfit is a great way to remind you to take sometime to exercise and to stay motivated. Turn that walk into a jog or wake up extra-early one day to see the sunset overboard and hit the gym. Your body will thank you and the extra boost of energy will change your mood and make you more receptive to all the wonders you may experience.

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