Items to Always Pack in Your Carry-On Bag

by Royal Holiday

A carefully packed carry-on bag is essential for any trip, whether your flight is long or short. Ideally, your carry-on bag should be able to see you comfortably through your flight, as well as for the first few days of your trip should any of your checked bags become lost or damaged. Here are four things that no carry-on bag should be without:

Travel documents

It’s an obvious tip, but one worth mentioning: all documents for your trip should be stored (preferably in a secure compartment) in your carry-on bag. This not only includes things like your passport and flight reservation, but also printouts of any bookings for accommodation or additional travel, as well as photocopies of identification and tourist visas.

Chargers and adapters for electronics

You want to ensure that your laptop and phone don’t run out of juice on a long flight or during an airport layover. You’ll also want to avoid having to replace a lost charger in a foreign country, where the specific type you need may be difficult to find. In addition, having an adapter in your carry-on bag means you’ll always be able to stay charged, wherever you might find yourself.

Basic toiletries and a change of clothes

It’s nice to be able to brush your teeth, wash your face, change your underwear, and reapply deodorant partway through a long travel day or when you arrive at your destination. Furthermore, having these supplies on hand means that even if your checked bag gets lost, you can make it through a day or two at your destination before having to find a pharmacy or department store.

A water bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is very important, and it’s helpful not to have to track down a flight attendant every time you want a sip of water. After you pass through security, buy a bottle of water. Alternatively, you can pack a large empty bottle in your carry-on bag, and fill it up at a water fountain in the departure area or on the airplane.

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