How to Use Ride-Sharing Services

by Royal Holiday

Ride-sharing services have expanded drastically in recent years, becoming a billion-dollar industry and shaking up taxi and limousine markets around the world. When you use a ride-sharing service, you typically sign up for a ride through a smartphone app rather than hailing a taxi directly like you might have done a decade ago. Taking advantage of a ride-sharing service is easy, but you should follow these tips to get the most out of your ride:

Use the ratings

Many ride-share users are concerned about safety and comfort because their drivers may not be professionals. To maximize your chances of enjoying your ride, pay attention to the ratings previous users have given the driver, and avoid drivers with low ratings.

Widen your net for long rides

Ride-sharing services that cover long-distance trips do exist, but they’re typically less well known than those that handle taxi-length distances. If you’re looking to go a long way, try a service like Sidecar, Ridejoy, or Zimride.

Share taxi rides

If riding with a non-taxi service like Lyft or Uber makes you uncomfortable, you can still take advantage of the economics of ride sharing. The service Bandwagon helps you split a cab ride with a rider going the same direction. It also lets you book in advance and reduces pollution and infrastructure strain by reducing unnecessary cab use.

Know the service you use

Each ride-sharing service has its own way of doing business. Some, like Uber, hire professionals to do their driving. Others, like Lyft, let anyone who passes a background and driving-record check sign up to drive. The best way to stay safe is to research the service you plan to use and the way it works in your destination city. Remember, you can always just grab a normal taxi if you need to.

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