How to Make Your Vacation Seem Longer

by Royal Holiday

For many travelers, a great vacation feels like it lasts forever. Even if you’re only gone for a week, it may seem like a month has slipped by. This enables you come back to your regular life feeling rejuvenated and satisfied. Because this sense of suspended time doesn’t always occur, expert travelers suggest the following ways to make your vacation feel like it lasted longer:

Don’t work.

Not working on vacation may be the simplest and most important rule of all. If you bring work with you, the work and the vacation are both likely to end up unfinished. It’s hard to find time to work on a trip, and if you’re constantly worrying about time, you’ll never experience the relaxation you deserve.

Don’t watch TV.

Television often makes time go by faster. So while you’re on vacation, leave the TV off. Record your favorite shows and watch them when you get home. During the trip itself, focus on all the great things available where you are.

Stay away from chores.

Leave the laundry for after you return. Go out to eat so that you don’t have to buy groceries, cook, or wash dishes. For maximum enjoyment, don’t even log in to your e-mail.

Turn off your phone.

Unplugging from the world may seem a bit extreme, but if the whole point of your trip is to break away from normal life, it can be necessary. Think of how much time you spend on your phone each day, and then consider taking a break from it while you’re on vacation.

-Embrace new experiences.
Trying unfamiliar things on vacation can lead to feelings of time dilation. When you’re doing something new, you’re more likely to create lasting memories of the activity. Moreover, simply having more memories of a time can make it feel as if it lasted longer.

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