Great Travel Games

by Royal Holiday

To arrive at a great vacation destination, you’ve first got to travel there. Those who have traveled long distances know that few things entertain travelers more than a great game. So, before you leave for your next trip, check out some of the following ways to have fun no matter how far you have to go:

I Spy—This game is simple and requires no pieces to play. You just pick something you see and give the players a hint like “I spy something red.” Then, let the other players try to guess what it is. The game works especially well with kids and can be adapted to a number of environments.

Card games—A deck of cards takes up little space and offers nearly endless amounts of entertainment. You can play a simple card game with your children or a more complex one with an adult. If you’re very creative, you can even use a deck of cards for magic tricks.

Uno—While Uno requires a specialized deck to play, it has the benefit of being simple enough that you can usually get the rules across in any language. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers heading to international destinations.

Road Trip Bingo—Road trip bingo takes the idea of a scavenger hunt and combines it with the fun of bingo. Give the travelers in your party a board labeled with objects they need to find during the trip. Each time someone spots one of the items on his or her grid, that person gets to cross off a square. The first person to complete an entire row or column wins.

Hangman—To play this grade-school classic, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Start by drawing a hangman’s scaffold on a piece of paper. Think up a word, and then place an underscore on the page for each letter in the word. The player must guess letters until they have filled in the word. Each time they guess a letter not contained in the word, fill in a part of the person on the scaffold. The player must guess the word before the person is complete in order to win.

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