10 Essentials for the Grand Riviera Princess

by Royal Holiday

If you’ve booked your vacation already, the following is crucial. If you haven’t you can consider these ten more reasons why now is the time to go.

1. ACTIVITIES! The GRP goes to incredible lengths to provide recreational, artistic and sports activities for all the guests, including dancing that goes well into the night. Many of them have limits on participants, so check with the front desk as soon as you’ve checked in.

2. Sports are For EVERYONE. You don’t have to be an expert or even in perfect shape. Organized sports activities can include everything from non-motorized aquatic sports to tennis or ping pong. Some dance classes, or swimming pool games will leave no doubt you got a work out and there are even organized stretching, yoga and pilates classes in the fitness center.

3. Everything is Subject to Change! But that’s a good thing. Staff will make an extra effort to let you know if the weather or anything else has changed. Schedules are revised every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon too.

4. A Magnificent Beach, 12 Swimming Pools and a Spa. Solitary reflection is ok, too. No matter how big and robust all those activities turn out, there’s also plenty of room to take off on your own.

5. There’s a Rainy Season. Roughly from September through October, nearly every afternoon is interupted by a magnificent shower. It usually lasts about 1-2 hours and it’s one of the most refreshing times to be here. Plus there are film screenings, games, painting classes, dancing and just watching the sea.

6. Beach Party! Beach parties are not infreqent, and even true introverts will have a better time getting to know a few other guests and enjoying themselves. Informal, it’s also a beautiful location – so why not have a party.

7. Seven Specialty Restaurants. But they will fill up. So get your reservations in early. There are also two very well maintainted buffet restaurants with open access very nearly all day long. Make friends and join some other guests for dinner at least one night your there.

8. Bring some slightly more formal clothes. “Business casual” is probably fine. Closed toed shoes. A long sleeve shirt for men, and a jacket (not a suit!) and women should have slightly more formal dresses or pants, let’s say of linen rather than cotton. You’ll enjoy it.

9. HoneyMoons – and Second HoneyMoons. Marriage licenses of less than a month in age, will get you some very exclusive benefits – just for newlyweds.

10. Yes. Bring the Kids. The Grand Riviera Princess is NOT a Grown-Ups only space. And even better, age-specific activities are planned – specifically so that parents can have time – with and without the kids.

In fact, with all that, parents may even feel more like kids. Don’t forget, there’s a lot to do, both on the resort grounds and nearby.

If you’ve been recently, or you still have a question, your comments are most welcome in the comments section below.

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