Unusual Travel Storage Solutions

by Royal Holiday

Storage can be a major hassle while traveling. The smaller things you need on a trip, like cords and cosmetics, can be especially difficult to manage. Luckily, enterprising travelers have figured out ways to use common household items as impromptu storage cases. To keep yourself organized without spending a bunch of money, try the following ideas:

—Use an old glasses case to store your chargers. If, like many travelers, you plan to carry a cell phone, digital camera, and e-reader with you, you will have at least three chargers to manage. Bundling them all together inside an unused glasses case will protect them and keep them all in one place.

—Use a Tic-Tac container for bobby pins, toothpicks, and other small items. Hairpins and similar items are easy to lose. Keeping them all together ensures they won’t end up in unexpected places.

—Get creative with jewelry and cosmetics storage. You can repurpose a number of everyday things to store small items like necklaces, earrings, and cosmetics. A pill container is lightweight and comes with a number of compartments. Another great option is plastic eggs left over from Easter. Tea tins offer a bit more space bit and are still compact and well protected.

—Empty your water bottles and use them for storage. It’s a good idea to bring one water bottle with you on the plane. However, if you’re carrying more than that, in preparation for hiking for example, you can store things in them while you’re in transit.

—Protect souvenirs with pool floats. If your kids need floatation devices to use the pool, you may be able to repurpose them on the trip home to protect breakable items, like wine bottles.

—Use contact-lens cases to store small amounts of makeup or lotion. If you just need a little concealer for a trip, you can save a lot of space by storing just what you need in a contact-lens case rather than bringing a whole bottle.

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