What to Do When Rain Dampens Your Vacation

by Royal Holiday

Even if you plan your vacation perfectly by picking the right destination at a time of year when it almost always has great weather, any trip poses the threat of Mother Nature not cooperating. If your itinerary includes time blocked aside for relaxing on the beach or taking walking tours of a new city, it can be pretty disappointing when the clouds roll in and the skies open up. But bad weather does not always have to be a negative experience. Sometimes it can push you into trying things you might never have thought of doing otherwise. If you run into lots of rain on your trip, try some of the following foul-weather activities.

– Bus tours. Walking tours can be a lot of fun, but if the weather is bad, a bus tour is still a great way to see the sights of a city. And if you’ve never tried one before, you might find the experience more enjoyable than you expected.

– Look for an underground attraction. Many tourist destinations have things worth seeing located underground, where the weather won’t affect you. Look for mazes, catacombs, old ruins, or modern attractions in places where the weather gets so cold during parts of the year that underground construction is more common.

– Brave the rain. Some activities are just as fun – or even more fun – in the rain. In warm weather, swimming during a gentle rain can be very enjoyable. A walk in the woods while it’s raining can be peaceful and beautiful, as well.

– Take in a cultural event. Even if it wasn’t part of your original plan, seeing a concert in a foreign country can expose you to great local music. You might be able to find local film releases you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see at home.

– Enjoy a day of rest. Particularly if you’re on a longer trip, taking a day to relax and watch the rain can make the rest of your vacation more enjoyable. Sitting in the cafe down the street with your feet up sipping coffee all afternoon could end up being one of your fondest memories.

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