How to Choose a Neck Pillow

by Royal Holiday

Neck pillows, which are little more than cushions that wrap around the base of your head, come in a surprising number of varieties. Depending on your needs, one might be much better than the others, or they might all do the job adequately. Consider the following when picking a neck pillow to make sure you get the best one for you.

– Storage. For most of your trip, you’re not going to be using your neck pillow, so consider how easily it will pack away. Even an extremely comfortable pillow may not be worth bringing if it will constantly be in your way. Inflatable pillows typically offer the easiest storage, taking up very little space, but they can be fragile and vulnerable to puncturing from items stored near them. Neck pillows made from memory foam are more robust and may be more supportive, but they’re also bulkier and harder to store when not in use.

– Usability. You should make sure your pillow can be used in a variety of situations, including on trains and planes or in buses and cars. They should work well with a wide range of seat types and offer support for your head and neck when your body is in a resting position.

– Politeness. Some neck pillows that break away from the traditional form may be a little uncomfortable for the people around you. A pillow meant to slide between two airplane seats, for instance, can take up space meant to be shared.

– Scent. Inflatable neck pillows typically have a plastic smell. Most travelers won’t mind, but if you have an allergy or a particular aversion to the scent of plastic, you might be better off avoiding inflatable models, even if they come with a fleece or suede cover.

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